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Thailand Kickboxing



Thailand Kickboxing

Thailand kickboxing or Muay Thai is the national Thai sport, a fighting style from the martial arts category that implies only the legs, the knees, the fists and the elbows.


In a larger translation, Muay Thai means the Thais’ way of fighting man to man without guns. Lately, the term has own a ‘bloody sport’, ‘brutal fight’ or even ‘fight without rules’ connotation, a thing true only with few generations before.


Thailand kickboxing means maybe the most complex and complete art of man to man fight through kick exchange. In Thailand, it is also called the ‘art of the 8 weapons’, referring to the fighters


possibilities to use almost everything that can be a ‘projectile’ in a fight: the fists, the legs, the elbows and the knees. Till the ‘30s, Muay Thai was practiced in very rough forms, with very few limitations.


Thailand Kickboxing

The kicks in the vital organs, including genital, were admitted, the projections were practically inexistent, excepting some bandages from ropes or leather strips draped around the fist and sometimes around one part of the forearms. These were limiting the injuries of the one who was kicking and not the injuries of the one who was kicked. Of course, the number of the fights finished with the kill or the serious injury of the fighters was big. Once with the accepting of other social norms, closer to modernity, tending to put the human life at other values than in the periods of continually wars of the pasts, Thailand kickboxing became a sport.


Very rough, but with norms of security that, paradoxical, make it less dangerous than many sports considered harmless- the accidental deaths are less than in rugby or in the American football, for example.


The main actual security norms are the limitation of the fight’s duration, the introduction of the rounds and of the end of the round’s pause, of the weights categories, to wear the kickboxing gloves and the dental protection is mandatory, the presence of the arbitrator and the intervention in the critical moments, in a similar way with the professional kickboxing, the introduction of the players in such way that the victories can be adjudicated at points. The matches in Thailand have only a professional regime, the concept of ‘amateur’ being practically a recent invention of European origin. The professionals fight 5 rounds of 3 minutes with pauses of one and half minute.

Kickboxing Thailand

The amateur format was supported by many international organizations made outside Thailand and even in Thailand, through the amateur championships promotion. Despite the reticence they were looked with, the championships made possible the entrance of Thailand kickboxing in the countries where the general norms of the fight sports are restrictive with the competitions of this kind, as well as more ‘gentle’ evolution of the sportsmen from countries with less tradition before launching on the professional stage. World Muay Thai Council (WMC) is now the main organization which supervises the international professional fights of class A (as an approximate equalization, WMC is somehow the FIFA equivalent for the national A divisions).



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