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Thailand Jungle



Thailand Jungle

If you are looking for a true adventure, you should try the Thailand jungle; there are no dangerous animals here but the slippery mountains, the flora, the humidity, the heat and the slopes offer enough adrenaline for those who are not from Thailand.

The trip can start with truck ride on the mountains’ road to the Pai region. The left right movements of the truck may cause you motion sickness.


When you will stop for lunch you will be simply amazed by the spectacular view, with the deep valleys and rolling mountains covered by the lush jungle, all green.


Before entering in the Thailand jungle, you can go through the Huey Nam Dang National


Park and enjoy the fresh and cool water of waterfalls. If you intend to spend the night in jungle, be sure you have a flashlight with you because the moonlight absence makes the night even darker. You will experience a relaxing sleep in the jungle’s heart, away from the noisy traffic and crowded Bangkok. Take some blankets with you because in the mountains is very cold during the night, even if it is jungle.


Jungle in Thailand

You will have the chance to see the Thai jungle’s inhabitants, the Lisu, starting their everyday activities very early in the morning. Their simple life in the nature’s heart, so far away from technical and electrical things will make you envy these people. Watching the Lisu preparing their breakfast, washing the clothes or cleaning the huts, with their children playing around them is a memory to keep forever. Other amazing picture is to see women with their face red as beet and all covered in the red mud, with some leaves hats on their heads, in the Thailand jungle’s middles, right in a monsoon.


You can try the experience of riding on an elephant’s back, with passenger sits; from there you can enjoy the entire view, the jungle’s lushness and the rivers’ power. The elephants are very used to these places so if you notice that a hill is on your way, with very narrow trails that pass through trees, don’t worry that the elephant will not fit.


The elephants can move like the models on the cat walk, putting their feet gracefully one in front of the other and making a narrow path only, instead of a much larger one as everyone would expect. Or maybe you want to experience a river trip with a raft; in this case be ready to feel the raft floating on the water’s surface and shaking you. The most of your adventure on the river you will spend on the raft trying to use the bamboo poles at steering and pushing the raft on the river. After this Thai jungle trip you will realise how many people can survive and live in these places and their way of life will be a true inspiration for you.

Thailand Jungle

 The jungle has the gift of making a person more humble and of lifting his spirit.



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