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Thailand June Weather



Thailand June Weather

Thailand weather can be described as being humid and tropical, in the biggest part of the year.

Like in majority of the countries, the weather depends very much on what region of Thailand you are.

You might be surprised to see that there are 3 seasons in the Bangkok’s North and 2 seasons in the capital’s South.


The Bangkok’s climate is similar to the North climate, with well defined seasons.

From November till February, the climate is dry and with sun, with some breeze in the evening. From April to March the climate is even drier and with so much sun,  the breeze barely feels and the temperatures that reach the peak of the season.


From May till October the monsoons make their presence and the torrential downpours can interrupt the hot days full of sun. The tourists prefer to visit Thailand from November to February because there are not too many rains during this period and the breeze can be felt in the evening as a reward after the sunny day.


June Weather in Thailand

As regarding the Thailand June weather, the monsoons are present all over the country excepting the Southern Gulf.


Here (the Samui region and the surroundings, as well as on the mainland coast) the wet season lasts from October till January but you still can spend some beautiful holidays here in this period and, you are an adventurous person, you can see some storms.


In the most of the Thailand regions, June doesn’t represent the worst period of the wet season, in September and October the situation can be worst.


The people living in Phuket say that the real rainy season come in July and there are tourists who had fine holidays in the middle of the year and in August at the Andaman sea. In June you can enjoy the sun, maybe two storms or showers daily, days without rain; anyways, the chance of prolonged wet periods are very small. If you wonder if there are areas that you should avoid because of the Thailand June weather, then you should know that in Ko Chang and around Trat is often very rainy in June.


The average can be over 900 mm per month, which is over the normal average of this month. Still, there are many tourists saying that they had good holidays in Chang in June, with some sun but if it starts to rain, don’t wonder if the rain seems to never stop. You have to pay attention to the tourists talking about the people who drowned Chang during big surf. When the prevailing winds blow hard on the principal beaches, you can have big surf but you have to be careful because the currents are very dangerous. Other area with an extra wet June is Rayong, with an average of 700 mm. During the wet season, the two main attractions,

Thailand June Weather

Ko Chang and Ko Phayam, at the Andaman Sea can be closed. Bangkok, Phattaya and Ko Samet are not as wet as other areas from the Southern Gulf during June.



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