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Thailand Jokes



Thailand Jokes

You should be careful when you do Thailand jokes because if the Thais that listen to you don’t know you or don’t feel okay in your company may not show a good sense of humour.


More, what seems funny to you may not seem funny for a Thai and vice versa.

For example, the next Thailand joke makes the locals laugh but it may not have the same effect on you: a monk walking sees a girl sitting in a tree; the little girl sees him looking and decides to expose her knickers.


The monk takes a look and then gives the girl 20 baht. The girl runs home to tell her mother what happened and to show her the money.


The mother has an idea and puts it into practice the next day: she also sits in the tree and when the monk passes under she shows her knickers. The monk looks and then he gives the mother a razor. The stories that talk about the cultural differences are found as good humour by Thais. Telling them how the people from West feel like in the traditionally Thai world can be funny.


Thailand Jokes

The Western media is present in the life of the young Thais and many of them relate to numerous of the anxiety moods that the Western people living here feel.


So, if you will tell anecdotes and stories about the relationships between different cultures will be just fine.


Like the most of the men, the Thai ones like the dirty jokes, the good ones; to make the Thai men to laugh you can also tell jokes about the minor mistresses and wives (mia noi). Telling jokes about drinking stories also may cause laughter; especially if you tell about how you react when you drink too much.


Of course, the laughter can be genuine or not, depending on how good the Thais understand the joke. Other Thailand joke is the next one: what do you think a nana girl does when she has a day off?


Answer: spends her money! A nana plaza is a gogo complex where the Thailand girls can meet generous men with money. The Thailand humour can be so different from the Western one that you can be more than surprised. A man married with a Thai woman says that his wife’s jokes are really not funny to him; the Thai wife also doesn’t laugh at his jokes and the man says there is no way to find a compromise. So, don’t wonder if finding a joke to make Thai people laugh is not an easy thing to do. There is also a big difference between Thais and Western people: the sarcasm is not something funny for Thais.

Jokes in Thailand

They may find it impolite somehow and this is why they don’t like it too much. Despite this, if you will take a look at the Thai comics from the papers, you will find political jokes, like in the Western papers.



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