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Thailand Jobs For Americans



Thailand Jobs For Americans

Thailand jobs for Americans are mostly as English teacher, Bangkok being the city where numerous people are hired to teach English, trained and even untrained.


But there are other cities with demands for this kind of job, such as:

Songkhla, in the Thailand’s South, Chiang Mai or Hat Yai, cities where the competition for a job is not that big. Even the Thai private schools, colleges and universities with EFL departments are looking for English native speaking teachers.


So, any person decided to teach in the land of smiles and ready to go and look for work has opportunities.


To find language school where you can ask for a job is not difficult; you can take the yellow pages, the English version and start searching. You can also buy The Nation and The Bangkok Post, English newspapers with vacancy notices.


Jobs for Americans in Thailand

Around the Victory Monument and the Siam Square are a lot of languages institutes and schools, so you can start from there.


When you go to a job interview dress smartly and have with you a professional resume and some references. The university graduators are respected in Thailand and they are expected to have a proper look. A grammar test will probably be included in interview.

The best time to find a job as teacher is from March to May, a busy season for the English schools and also in October for jobs in the private schools.


From January to February is not a good time to look for a teaching job in Thailand. The wages for the private tutors are bigger than the ones from the commercial schools, but to get a job as tutor is harder if you don’t have a stable place to live and if you didn’t fit into the elite community. To put an ad in the English newspapers, for the private pupils, can help a lot.


Thailand job for Americans can be also found at hotels where native speakers are needed for the conversation classes. The most of the EFL teachers working in Thailand don’t have the work visa but that don’t cause them any problems. The foreign people teach on a non-immigrant or tourist visa. To obtain the work permit you have to own a minimum of BA and a teaching certificate. There teachers who go to Malaysia at every 3 months to take a new visa from the Thailand consulate. The general rate in Bangkok is of 250-300 Baht per hour (about $6), with schools that pay even less and with schools that pay more, especially if you accept to travel outside the city.

Thailand Jobs for Americans

The living expanses are not big, from a salary of $600 per month, $95 has to be spent on rent, some good food can be bought from the street stalls at small prices; some delicious fruit and fish cost around $2. The part-time professors can afford to visit Thailand and its wonderful islands, where the beaches are amazing and the rhythm of life is calm.



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