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Thailand Jobs



Thailand Jobs

One thing is sure about the Thailand jobs: is very difficult to find work in this country.

The people working in the gas and oil industry, the employees sent by their employer to make business in Thailand and the people with great skills have good chances to find jobs in Thailand.


It is a fact that numerous people apply for a very small number of jobs in this country and only few of them have the luck to get a job so is very difficult for somebody coming from out of Thailand to find something to work.


Maybe you have been to the land of smile recently and you think at the possibility of living and working here.


You have to know that you are not the only one - a lot of people who see Thailand have the same thoughts as you.


Jobs in Thailand

You have to think that there are already numerous expats with high skills in Thailand, speaking the Thai language,maybe having a family and a bigger experience than yours, with very good qualifications and already established on the Thai land chasing the best jobs and maybe with bigger chances than somebody coming from outside.

If you want to send some CVs you should write them to be special, to have something additional and to attract the attention of the employers.

They receive so many CVs and so they are used with the people looking for a job for money to live in Thailand but they can not handle the job. 


The recruiters are not open to invest money, time and energy in the new coming foreign who maybe will need months to fit the place and the rhythm, when there are a lot of Thai candidates to hire. Maybe all these things sound very discouraging but you have to face the truth before making some serious plans regarding a job finding in Thailand.


Of course, as foreign citizen, there are chances to find a job as teaching English but the salaries are small. The reputation as a worker in this industry is very poor and you have very few chances to advance in a relatively short time. But you don’t have to despair, if you really want to move to Thailand and to work there and if you have the right skills that are needed there you may find a place to work. The chances are bigger if you relocate with your job. Among the qualifications that are required by the Thai companies are the foreign languages skills, especially English skills, capabilities related to the IT and abilities to use the basic applications of a computer.

Thailand Jobs

To know a third foreign language is a very important advantage in such a competitive world as well as software programmes knowledge. There are still sectors with a continue expansion and where new people are needed. Like the hospitality sector, where the chances for a career opportunity are bigger. The international hotel operator Accor has about 180 vacancies in Thailand and more than 1.000 all over the world.



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