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Thailand Jewellery



Thailand Jewellery

If you want to buy Thailand jewellery you can find them in the numerous shops with rings and necklaces from all over Thailand.

Comparing with the Western countries, in Thailand the gold from stores is almost 100% pure.


The gold’s unit is has the same name with the Thai currency: the Baht; one Baht is equal with 15.2 grams.

The selling and buying price of the gold can be found in newspapers and it corresponds with the one from the shops.


You can be charged with a few hundred Baht for the workmanship, depending on the weight and the size of the jewellery.


The credit cards are accepted in the shops with golden jewellery. Theoretically, in Thailand you can find bargains on jewellery and gems but is very risky to buy them and this is why is not recommended to purchase them. There are things you should know before going to buy Thailand jewellery in order not to be ripped off. You can read about the jewellery scam and have the impression that only the naive people can be cheated. But the fake items have so many coincidences and are done in a very sophisticated way that despite the warning, the people still buy them.


Thailand Jewellery

You have to know that the con men are not wearing uniforms trying to attract you to but their items. Each Thai person has an identity card with details on it, in the Thai language.


If you find someone who recommends you to buy jewellery or gems saying that he/she is from TAT (the Tourism Authority of Thailand) or from a government department, there are many chances for his/her ID to be of no value. The TAT and the government of Thailand doesn’t promote, own, endorse, authorise or sponsor any jewellery stores and if somebody tells you the opposite, is simply lying.


Even a specialist in gems can have problems in finding the differences between a true gem and a fake glass without specific equipment.


If you will buy gems without testing them independently, you just do it trusting the shop’s word. The National Gem Institute has in plan to open some booths in the malls where the people have the chance to verify the authenticity of the jewellery and gems. There are few chances to meet gem shops that offer export special, sales or other offers so if you find something like this, there is no doubt that it’s a scam. There may also be shops who will try to convince you to mail the jewellery out of Thailand but there are no export duties regarding the jewellery and the gems so you can take the products with you when you live Thailand.

Jewllery in Thailand

Take the gems you like for you, trying to sell them in your country for profit may be a totally failure. In case that you were scammed, you have to go to the Tourists Police; if you are still in Thailand you have chances to receive your money back.



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