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Thailand Interesting Facts



Thailand Interesting Facts

One of the Thailand interesting facts is that couples from all over the world come to Bangkok because here is legal to choose their baby’s sex and is not very expansive.

More and more tourists come to Thailand to conceive a baby because here the parents can choose the sex of their future baby.

While in Australia, Europe, China or the United States, the choice of the child’s sex is forbidden, Thailand makes more money through the legalisation of this practice.

The most of the tourists come from China, where the rules regarding the births are very strictly.   In China the population is controlled and is allowed to have one baby. The entire procedure is based on the in vitro fertilization technique.


Through it, the doctors manage to select the sex wanted by the parents. Although is allowed, this practice begins to become controversial in Thailand, too. Some doctors choose the patients based on how justified their demand is. The majority still, take advantage of the parents’ desire to make as much money as possible.


Interesting Facts Thailand

The official numbers show that in Thailand about 4.000 children are conceived through the vitro fertilisation, every year. More than 20% of them are children whose sex was chosen by parents.

Other Thailand interesting fact is that this country is called the ‘land of orchids’ because the typical plant is the orchid. There are about 1300 orchid varieties growing in Thailand. You can meet them about everywhere. They are growing especially in the high areas from North. You will find here the wonderful white, green, pink, dark red, yellow or mauve flowers. Some inflorescences are very delicate, other are strong and waxed, some are flat,


some are corkscrewed and sharp – in Thailand you will find all types of orchids that you will can not forget.


The orchids are an important product for export. In present, their export reaches about $50 million per year. The flowers are exported especially in the United States of America and Japan. More, flowers are imported from Thailand by almost every tourist. Cut flowers are practically everywhere, in markets and flower shops, in bouquets of couple of flowers or of tens and hundreds. If you don’t want to get in conflict with the law, remember that is forbidden to take orchids from nature. The elephant is the symbol of Thailand and also of its national fauna. The elephants have a very old tradition here.

Thailand Interesting Facts

The white elephants are a rarity as they were in the past, reason for which, if someone has a white elephant he had to give it to the king. The white elephants didn’t have to be used at works. On March 13, in the country the Elephants Day is celebrated. The biggest distinction in the country is the order of the white elephant. The elephants’ day is celebrated with rich feasts, dedicated to the elephants and with Buddhist oblations brought to the elephants that died in violent death. In the elephants camps from all over Thailand Swedish lunches are prepared.



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