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Thailand Information



Thailand Information

The Thailand’s people are sincere, communicative and smiling people. They are friendly with the strangers and are happy if they manifest interest for their culture.


Despite these, you have to respect some rules of their society.

This thing becomes visible during the temples’ visit, where is mandatory to take your shoes of before entering and you must to be careful not to point your feet to the Buddha’s statue.


Another possible situation you must take care of is the accidental interfering with a leader. In these cases, the Thais respect the rule according to which the leader must be on a higher position.


You can communicate in English here and the most of the street indicators being also in this language. Other important Thailand information tells you that you need a passport with at least 6 months availability to travel to Thailand. You also have to take you with the international health assurances card and an additional identity document. The entrance visa can be obtained from one of the diplomatic missions of Thailand from abroad. Usually, the availability of a visa is of 60 days but this can be lengthened locally. You also don’t have to forget the Thailand information according to which is forbidden the import of pornographic materials, fire guns, drugs or explosive substances.


Thailand Information

More, the import of cosmetics, telecommunication equipment, plants or animals are forbidden.


At the import of foreign payment means almost no limitation is applied but the checks and the value papers must be changed at banks in 15 days from the date of the border’s passing.


Very strict rules apply for the persons who try to pass the border with forbidden products or undeclared products at the customs points, big fines being applied, established at a four times bigger value than the one of the products.


These rules are available on the case of the exports. If you will want to take with you a souvenir with religious thematic, you have to know that for the majority of the Buddha statues you need approval.


The other souvenirs allowed through law are not limited in any way. There are no restrictions regarding the clothes in Thailand, excepting the temples’ visiting. In these cult places you can enter with an adequate clothing only which covers the arms and the knees. For a trip to Thailand you need easy clothing as well as adequate footwear. In the higher places of the country you will need thicker t-shirts; in these locations the temperatures can go down under 0 Celsius degrees. Of course, you will need protective products such as the sun glasses, the hats and the creams against the sun. In Thailand, the medical care is assured at a very high level.

Information Thailand

In the big cities like Bangkok, the medical assistance is qualitative but in the farther areas this is less available. A big advantage is the possibility of buying medicines from market at small prices and without prescription. Is necessary, still, to have the health assurance with you.



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