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Thailand Images

The Thailand images are so spectacular and so amazing that you will want to keep them not only on your retina but on your camera too.

The natural beauty, the white sand beaches and the always warm waters, the tropical gardens, the coconuts plantations and the numerous tourism and leisure possibilities make from the Koh Samui Island an ideal destination for those who want relaxation and some incredible Thailand images.


Koh Samui is an island in the Thailand’s Bay, at 700 kilometres South of Bangkok, famous for its spectacular and various landscapes. Samui has about 40.000 people, 90% of them being Buddhists. The island is a true oasis of natural beauty, with fine sand beaches,


coral reefs, superb lagoons, waterfalls with clear water and tropical forests. The principal reason for which Samui is visited by tourists every year is the beaches. Even if the most important beaches, Lamai and Chaweng have suffered because of the city’s expansion, they continue to be a lovely destination.


Images in Thailand


Ex- hippie resorts, in present they offer the tourists hotels of 4-5 stars, restaurants, bars and even nightclubs.


Other place with wonderful Thailand images is the Phuket Island, with an attractiveness given by the superb shores, the incredibly beautiful landscape and the very various underwater world of the Andaman Sea.


The Phuket Island is a big island in the Indian Ocean, at 867 kilometres away of Bangkok and is the only island that ahs provincial status and it also was regional centre due to its rich history.


Know as the Andaman Pearl this name is derived from its glory and prosperity coming from the precious metal production which has been dating for over 500 years.


It is a very attractive island with surrounding waters of a various underwater life, beautiful shores the architecture of the city. In Bangkok, you don’t know at what to watch first. The ‘City of angels’ as is also called Bangkok is indeed one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The biggest open air market in the world-Chatuchak Market is placed in the North of the city and is open Saturdays and Mondays only and the diversity of the goodies as well as the prices that put a smile on your face, make you forget about tiredness and agglomeration. You can find here souvenirs and fine silks, clothes for all tastes,

Thailand Images

decorative objects, older or newer books, pets, reptiles, exotic birds, furniture, flowers, tableware, diverse plants, candles, pottery, bags, shoes, paintings, aromatic sticks and so many more that you have to see with your eyes. Another experience that doesn’t have to be missed is the Golden Mont in Bangkok, the place where you can introvert your thoughts and the leaves’ whir, the rivulets’ susurrus and the sound of the bells offer the ideal place to feel the silence. On the Chao Phraya channel network, a river that roams Bangkok, you can see the locals who come with the boats to sell or to buy diverse products. On the channel’s edge you can find any type of souvenir.



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