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Thailand Human Trafficking



Thailand Human Trafficking

It is a known fact that Thailand is a destination, transit and source country for the human trafficking.


Since 1990, about 80.000 children and women have been involved in the Thailand human trafficking.


The most of these persons come from Laos, Yunan (a Chinese province) and from Burma.


About 200.000 children, especially boys, from the countries mentioned above, were found working in the ‘land of smile’.


In Pattaya exists a sex industry of multi billion dollar with implications in the money laundering, the drug trafficking and the women traffic.


Thailand women are trafficked to Japan, India, Germany, Malaysia, Australia and countries from the Middle East. About one million women coming from Laos, Burma, China, Vietnam and rural areas of Thailand have been sold to Thai hotels by so called job brokers. 50% of the women that practice prostitution in Chiang Rai are from Burma. Many of them are indigenous Burmese from Eastern and Northern Burma who have been sold to work in Thai brothels.


Thailand Human Trafficking

The Thai women who receive other role in the sex industry are replaced with other foreign women coming from neighbouring countries through the human trafficking.


As the number of the Thailand girls that enters in the sex industry, girls and women from China and Burma are brought to replace them. In 1991, the price for one Thai woman sold in Japan was between $18.000 and $24.000.


Parents with drug problems from Ban Vanaluang sold their girls, with ages between 13 and 15 years, to pimps, for 5.000 to 10.000 Baht.


Most of these girls were brought to Chiang Mai. The number of the children and woman trafficking from countries like Laos, Burma, Cambodia and China gets bigger. The most of the newly women sold for the Thai sex industry come from Shan (a state from Burma) as well as from the South of China.


This industry is not affected by the economic crisis, many businessmen from Taiwan or China coming in Thailand for business and for the pleasure offered by these girls. The traffickers choose their victims among the girls and women who live in poverty, have no jobs or have broken families. Chinese girls are kidnapped and then sold to Thailand via Burma. There were cases when brothel keepers saw pictures with Thai girls going to school and ordered an agent to kidnap the girl he wanted. In Pattaya are women trafficked from Russia; they were promised jobs as domestic servants, waitresses, sale representatives and dancers.

Human Trafficking Thailand

But once they got to Thailand their passports are confiscated right away, they are forced to work hours and hours for small amounts of money. The refuse to cooperate brings death threatens for the women and for their families. A Russian woman is sold by the trafficking networks for 60.000 t0 120.000 Baht ($1.500 to $3.000). Women working as prostitutes in Thailand come in large number from the Czech Republic, Romania and Russia. The procurers bring the women inside the country and take them to work as apartments’ prostitutes.



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