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Thailand Holidays



Thailand Holidays

The ones wanting an exotic holiday, without being isolated on a resorts island for tourists, can take Thailand into consideration. The Phang Nga Bay, a region of 400 square kilometres-big part of it being a protected area, included in the park with the same name is a good start for Thailand holidays.

This place can not be confused with nothing else: there are hundreds of limestone mountains, small but very high islands, some of them forested, get out of the water of an emerald green!

One of these islands became more famous: Ko Tapu received the name of the James Bond’s island after some scenes from ‘The man with the golden gun’ were shot here, in1974. This is the home of 88 bird species, 82 fish species and 18 reptile species.


More of them hide in the close mangroves forest, towards which you can go with a canoe. You also can go with the canoe through the numerous hongs (rooms in Thai), a labyrinth of caves which in time lost their roof.


Holidays in Thailand

The place is of an absolute beauty, and the adventure is unforgettable!

From here you can to Koh Pannyi, a village of Muslim fishermen entirely built on piles, above the water.


You can have the traditional Thai lunch, a very tasteful food. The second half of the day can be spent in a safari tour, at the Siam Safari camp. You can see how the rubber is made, till the sap’s extraction in special dishes till its pressing in shapes that are then exported.

You can walk with a dray pulled by buffalos and go to the ‘embarkation place’ and walk with the elephants.


You can also spend your Thailand holidays in the Khai Islands (Khai Nai, Khai Nui and Khai Nok).  The last mentioned is the perfect place to swim but especially for snorkelling, the coral reefs being here one of the most beautiful from the Andaman Sea.


In the Phi Phi Islands, the first stop can be at the Monkeys Island, called after its naughty inhabitants who come here without any fear to receive the food from tourists.


By road you also get to the Vikings Cave, Tham Pya Nak actually, a place where some paintings, some long boats looking like the Vikings’ boats were discovered.

The cave is visited by locals who come here to get eggs from some bird species to use them to make a soup, a region’s goodies. The Maya Bay is a superb place hidden in the rocks high of 100 metres which close it from 3 parts. 

Thailand Holidays

A big pool is waiting for you, superb, where you are invited to jump from the ship and swim. The water is warm, clean, the sensation is great, you lye on your back, swim and see only the high walls of the ‘pool’. At the Phi Phi star-beach the water is blue, ‘alive’ due to the exotic fish that play around corals, the sand is white and soft as the silk.



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