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Thailand Haiti

It is hard to define the Thailand Haiti relation if we take into consideration two facts coming from Thailand that were disapproved by the public and media. After the earthquake that destroyed Haiti, the Thai government promised a help of $20.000 for Haiti. The media and the world’s countries violently reacted saying that countries poorer than Thailand offered more substantial help for Haiti.

The Thai government was accused of being cheap and embarrassing the Thai nation.


The media mentioned that Thailand received a substantial help when it was affected by the tsunami and in case of another disaster, the world will not respond so positive if the Thai government will not supply the amount for Haiti.


After few days of being the main subject of the press, the Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva announced on January 19, 2010 that Thailand will help Haiti with $900.000 (30 million Baht) and with tons of rice. There is also a weird thing in the Thailand Haiti relation that constituted a subject in press. After the government of Thailand was criticised of donating such a small amount to Haiti, the government offered 50.000 whitening skin cream bottles to the earthquake-stricken country.


Haiti Thailand

It seems that the foreign minister Kasit Piromya said that the Haitians are poor because they are all dark-skinned and a lighter skin will bring them more success.


Unilever Thailand sponsored this donation offering also 50.000 Citra’s brochure copies in which the power of the double action of Citra: brightening and anti-aging.


The regional marketing director of Unilever, Marlene Van Houten explained that the UV protection of the skin cream will protect the Haitians who will stay in line for the food shipments and the Haitians who will try to fix their destroyed villages.


This whitening skin cream donation is the first large donation of this type for a zone affected by natural disasters. The Thai prime minister also added that many people encouraged this donation, so it is obvious that the Thais are generous people.


It was said that the prime minister’s statement was sustained by many people that were interviewed. He said that the discussion about the Haitians’ dark colour appeared every time and so they thought that the people of Haiti need more than money as help. The office worker Vasana Prasarnmit said that he donated money for the Chinese affected by the Sichuan earthquake but he doesn’t want to give anything to the Haitians because they are very dark. These words sound like a racist attack, the office worker saying that he would have donated something if the Haitians were lighter, like the president Obama.

Thailand Haiti

According to the brochure donated by Unilever, the earthquake’s starving survivors and the homeless will look brighter in whiter in only two weeks due to the whitening cream. And being whiter, they will manage to secure more help. Even a professor of Sociology, Urmkit Srisomwattanathip, said that a white skin can be the solution to find the success in life.



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