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Thailand Gun Laws



Thailand Gun Laws

Gun Laws Thailand

In the Thailand gun laws are acts that refer to the ammunition, fireworks, explosive, firearms and imitation of firearms. According to these acts, is it forbidden to make, posses use, buy or import ammunition or guns without having a license.


This license can be registered at the provincial administration’s general director, under the Interior Ministry, in Bangkok, and at the sheriff (called nai amphur) in the provinces situated outside the capital. The people who have ammunition or a gun in the house, without a license for it are violating the laws,


even if the guns are never taken out. To keep a gun without license in the house is punished with up to 10 years imprisonment and with a fine.


The gun licences are only personal and can not be borrowed, so if you buy or borrow a gun and only the person who sold or borrowed you the gun have a license and you don’t, you will be considered as committing a crime.

A crime is also considered to have a gun in your house for your self-defence without having a license; the punishment is a fine and up to 5 years in jail.

The same punishment is applied to those who take a gun to a village or town or in a public place without having a license for it. If you bring a gun at a public gathering for political purposes, entertainment or worship and you don’t have a license for it you can stay 5 years behind the bars. Even if you gave the license, bringing the gun in public, including protests or political rally, you also can be punished with a fine and a year in jail.


According to the Thailand gun laws, there are certain people that can not get the gun license.


These people are: those who have not a permanent residence, the people have no job and no income, the individuals who were convicted for criminal acts, any person who has an infirmity or disability that unable him or her to use the gun properly (these persons may have guns but not use them), the individuals who were found quasi-incompetent or incompetent by a court, the people with mental infirmities.


Foreign persons can obtain a gun licence in Thailand, there are no laws to prohibit that but the applications for a gun licence coming from a foreigner is more strictly analysed than one coming from a Thai.

Thailand Gun Laws

If you need a gun for hunting, self defence or recreational purposes, the acts required for the license are: a signed and an original copy of your Identity Card, evidence of your occupation, a signed and an original copy of the blue book (the house registration), a recommendation letter from a police official or government official to attest that you have a good character; the letter also has to state the reasons why you need the gun. If you want the gun for sporting purposes, you will also need a membership card’s copy.


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