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Thailand Gold



Thailand Gold

The Thailand gold has a long history, gold mines existing from the past in this country. The Indians used to call Thailand the Land of Gold (Suvannabhumi) and the Chinese, Jin Lin, meaning Peninsula of Gold.


More, the country’s first name was Siam which in Sanskrit means gold. It is also said that the first contact of Thailand with the external world was made do to the gold trade.

With centuries again, Utong and Suphhanburi, in the centre of the country, were the Thai gold industry’s centres. The gold means much more for the Thais than the precious metal to make rings, bracelets, coins or necklaces. There are many mentions regarding this metal in the Buddhist


literature of Thailand and the Buddha’s skin is described as being of gold. Artifacts and religious objects like the statues of Buddha are made of gold. Gold objects as well as the gold jewellery represent security for numerous Thais; they can pledge these objects in case that the family goes through rough times.


Thailand Gold

For those interested in buying Thailand gold, there are thousands of shops in this country from which they can buy jewellery from the two important schools of Thai gold craftsmanship: Phetchaburi and Sukhothai. In country’s capital, Bangkok you can find numerous shops with gold, as well as in the Chinatown, especially on the Yaowarat Road, which is the principal street in Chinatown, situated along the Chao Praya River; here you can find numerous and various gold objects and jewellery. The price and the karat are shown on signs in all the respectful shops, an exception being made by the shops that sell design gold for the high class.


 The gold shops are periodically checked by authorities, to be sure that gold’s karat is the same with the one announced by shop. Before buying gold you should visit more shop and make some comparisons; the Thailand gold is not only a god investment but also a life memory.


The jewellery export is on the second place on Thailand’s largest exports, the gold playing a very important role in this industry. Japan, the United States and Hong Kong are principal export destinations. For the export jewellery the 10, 18 and 14 karat gold is often used. With 100 billion baht of jewellery exported every year, Thailand is placed on the second place in the top of the largest gold jewellery exporters of the world. A big amount is smuggled out of Thailand, avoiding the taxes. 100 tonnes of gold are imported by Thailand every year, and in the economic boom periods the quantity can be of even 150 tonnes. 20-30% of these imports are re-exported.

Gold Thailand

There are about 6000 small gold stores in Thailand, 60 wholesalers in the capital and 3 out of it. It was thought that the gold mine are exhausted but the Akara Mining subsidiary of the Australia’s Kingsgate Consolidated recently discovered at Pichit that the Chatree mine is very profitable at low costs of operations. 



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