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Thailand General Shot



Thailand General Shot

In May 2010, at only few minutes after the army surrounded the area of Bangkok in which the Thais opposing the government were protesting for 5 weeks, a Thailand general, Khattiya Sawasdipol was shot.

He was on the Red Shirts side and was responsible for the security of their camp. After the Thailand general shot, he was urgently taken to the hospital, another at least four people being wounded in the same area.


The general was shot by a marksman, in the head, while he was giving an interview for Associated Press, New York Times and other publications. A few seconds later, the protestants’ security agents started to scream at journalists and viewers telling


them to step aside while they were helping the general-who is also known as Seh Daeng- putting him in a van and taking hi to the hospital. Khattiya helped the construction of the Red Shirts barricades and was catalogued by the Thai government as terrorist, being accused of implication in over 12 grenade attacks which caused the death of more than 100 people.


General Shot Thailand

A reporter from New York Times, Thomas Fuller, said that the interview had started for half an hour when he asked the general if he thinks that the army will start with an action in force and will be capable to thrust through the barricades.


The reporter also said that the last words of the general were:


‘The army can not enter here’. After that, at short time, he collapsed.


The reporter said that probably the bullet passed over his head and shot the general’s forehead. Anthony Davies, from the consultancy company IHS-Jane’s said that this was a clear attempt


to decapitate the leadership of the Red Shirts, a tactical movement that will produce confusion among the demonstrators and will transmit the leaders the next message: if they will not negotiate or will not stop, they can expect to extreme consequences. The general suffered a brain surgery and remained stable. The incident started a series of confrontations over the night,


between the demonstrators who threw stones and the security armed forces, at the periphery of the barricaded demonstrators’ camp. One of them was shot in the eyes and died after a group of Red Shirts confronted armed soldiers wit assault guns next to a park from the commercial block Silom, according to the eyewitnesses. Some demonstrators threw with stones and the troops opened the fore as response. Guns fire, explosions and sporadic fights continued the night around the army’s control points next to the principal place of protest which was protected by barricades on tires, sustained by wood bats moisture in kerosene, over which barbed wire was displayed.

Thailand General Shot


The Red Shirts’ protests continued to be the number one subject in the news.



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