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Thailand General Information



Thailand General Information

The old kingdom of Siam is one of the favourite destinations of the tourists from all over the world.

Despite the earthquakes, the attempts or the recently coup d’etat, the Thailand’s charms are stronger.

The Thailand general question is: what makes the tourists to choose Thailand as favourite destination for holidays?

The destinations that show a 100% satisfaction are rare. The kingdom from the South-East of Asia enjoys a bigger and bigger admiration now.

People who visited Thailand have a common opinion: everything is seductive here. It is a country where you attach very fast and everything is simple. You can walk with the bus, with the train or with the plain without getting lost.


 Regarding the accommodation there is a diverse gamut of hotels, from inns that shows the lower prices for a night till couple of hundreds of Euros to spend a night at the Triangle Hotel from Bangkok, all are waiting for you. Thailand is a country for all: the cultural, sportive, spa tourism is at every traveller’s disposition.


General Information in Thailand

But we also don’t have to forget the famous spa resorts for which the old kingdom of Siam is popular. The costs for one trip is about $1000 and is we take into consideration the offers of the low-cost companies, where the price of the tickets can be reduced, than the effort it worth.


Another answer to the why Thailand general question is the access’ facile level, Thailand being designated the first hop from the Asian continent, a thing that allows a short escapade in Vietnam, Laos or Cambodia.

According to the statistics, one of the five tourists chooses an adventure of this type.


From the Golden Triangle forests in Chiang Mai to the beaches from South (Phuket, Kho Samui), passing through the historic city Ayuttaya, fine restaurants from Bangkok or visiting the monasteries with their peace whose lakes are full of lotus flowers, Thailand offers the most beautiful landscapes that tempt you to know as much as possible about its history, culture and traditions.


For those who love the challenges of a totally different culture, who love the nature and the adventure, for those who want to try new flavours and tastes, to enjoy the sun, the water and the holiday in safe places but also full of contrasts, it worth to take your camera and start with confidence towards the ‘land of smile’, Thailand!

This country has to offer something for all of her guests: from beach and surfing to jungle and old temples.

Not only the incredible beauty of this place, the hospitality of the locals and the small prices attract the tourists every year but also the incredible mix of sounds, images and flavours of the fascinating cultural mosaic of Thailand.

Thailand General Information

The low prices and the habit of getting a discount by negotiating make from Thailand a shopping paradise. Beside the precious stones at the smallest prices and souvenirs here you meet stores with brands whose price is much more accessible than in other countries.



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