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Thailand is one of the most popular kingdoms from the South-East Asia, being known for more centuries as Siam. Over the time, the country became the cultural and religious crossroad of the Nomad people. The majority of the population is Buddhist, the smile’s religion, Thailand being also called the Land of Smile.

The Thailand kingdom is the destination of the incredible contrasts and of the extraordinary landscapes.

From the luxuriant jungle of the Golden Triangle in North, going through the ancient ruins of the lost civilisations and Bangkok, the cosmopolitan capital in the kingdom’s heart, to the splendid beaches of the Malay Peninsula and the surrounding island,


Thailand has indeed something for everybody. Add the vibrant culture, the fantastic gastronomy, the hospitality and the pride of the locals and you will have the destination of a holiday that will never be forgotten. The Thai cuisine is one of the reasons why this country is worth visiting.The main ingredients used are: fresh fruits and vegetables as well as coconut milk, curry, peanuts, rice in different shapes. The Thai decor is magic, at the Zoo are Sriracha tigers from Bangkok,


General Thailand

the Tropical Garden Nong Nooch from Pattaya is famous for the elephants shows, temples like Wat Trimit have golden statues of Buddha and so on.


The Thailand culture, concentrated around Buddhism, the exotic decors, the fauna- very different from the European one- all of these and many more transpose you in another world, help you to experience a new and fascinating culture.


When they talk about Thailand, some people are thinking about beaches with fine sand, blue sky and crystal water through which you can see the multicoloured fish and the corals; other people can imagine Pattaya with its intense night life.


And still, Thailand has much more to offer; it attracts more tourists than any other country from the South-East of Asia through its irresistible combination of natural landscapes, sunny resorts, old temples and the people’s hospitality.


The Bangkok capital is situated in the country’s centre, at the Chao Phraya River’s mouth in the Siam’s water and is often called the Orient Venice due to its numerous channels that go through and especially due to the ‘gondolas’, true floater stands full of products that are sold on water.


Bangkok has over 400 temples but the splendour of the capital is the Big Palace - a complex of temples, palaces and official buildings.

Bangkok is a noisy city, chaotic, with a lot of places where you can have fun and try different culinary products or where you can assist to a Thai box game.


Phuket is the biggest island of Thailand. Beside hotels, restaurants and stores, Phuket has a rich aquarium with exotic fish and a botanic garden.

At Nakhon Pathom, the Pra Pathom Chdedi pagoda is the highest Buddhist monument in the world and has an age of about 1.000 years.

Thailand General

Although is famous for its night life, in Pattaya you can practice windsurf, nautical ski and you can visit the coral reefs.



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