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Thailand Games

Thailand Games

One of the Thailand games is the Kataw, a game that it plays with a plastic ball, or plaited from palm fibres, which is hit with the leg from one player to another, without touching the ground.


The players make a circle whose size depends of the players’ number, and the points are given depending on the difficulty, the variety and the mastery of the hits. In Thailand this interesting game is known as the Takraw and is almost as popular in Thailand as in Laos and Malaysia.It was introduced as sport at the South-East Asia’s Games at the Thailand’s initiative but the Malaysian players


are the ones who win the championships the most of the times.  Tourists who spent about two weeks in Penang-Malaysia didn’t see the children playing this game on streets as the often saw in Thailand and Laos.


In local or international competitions, kataw is played on a volleyball ground but the only parts of the body with which the ball can be touched are the legs, making pirouettes and hitting the ball with the leg after net. It almost looks like taekwondo, the Korean martial art in which the fighter use excessively the hits with the legs.

Another Thailand game is the horse riding (Khee Ma Karn Klui), very popular among the boys who live at country, due to its fun and simple rules. To make the horse you need a banana’s leaf stalk, in its entire length.

The leaf has to be trimmed off and leave some leaf at one of its ends for tail.

The horse’s head has to be made at the other end. Here you have to make two flaps, lateral and of 4 inches in length, and to make the ears and the head you have to bend the stalk.


To keep the head bent you have to pierce the neck and the head with a stick from wood. Put a strap around the horse, as a bridle to keep the horse under control while the child is happily galloping and trotting it.


Makruk is the Thai Chess, very popular in Thailand where is played by about 2 million people.

There are 6 pieces of the game: rua (the rook), thon or khon (the bishop), ma (the knight), bia (the pawn), met (the queen) and khun (the king). In the set up, the Queen always has to be placed at the King’s right. If in the European chess the kings face to each other, in the Thai chess this thing doesn’t happen.


The Rook and he Knight have the same functions as in the European chess, as well as the King. The Thai chess is believed to date from 1000 years again and the chess forms that are played now may be very close to the ancestor game’s original common.

Games in Thailand

It is also assumed that the Thai chess and the Cambodian one look so much alike because the Thais learnt the game from the Cambodians.


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