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Thailand Furniture



Thailand Furniture

Thailand furniture exports represent an important part of the country’s economy; in 2000, the furniture exports’ total value was of about $1 million.

The furniture industry brings a significant amount of foreign currency for this country and more, it offers jobs to a very big number of people.


The Thai industry of furniture remains one of the most powerful from the Asia area do the modern and innovative styling, superior quality of the production and the flexibility of the used materials.

During the time, the Thai furniture industry started to successfully use substitutes like the parawood, which is a processed wood obtained from the old rubber trees. 


As Thailand has large rubber trees plantations, the country being a huge rubber producer, the parawood’s supply is practically without limits.


Furniture in Thailand

The statistics of DIW (the Department of Industrial Works) shows that in the Thailand furniture industry are about 8.237 manufacturers,the majority being small entrepreneurs with sources of raw material close to them. 201.996 people are employed and 60.466 million Baht is the capital invested in this industry. About 1.446 are micro manufacturers, 257 are medium manufacturers, 758 are small manufacturers and the large manufacturers are in number of 27.

The large and the medium factories are the potential exporters, this representing 11.5% (284) of the manufacturers.


There are five groups of furniture (as well as parts) based on the raw materials: rattan furniture, wooden furniture, plastic furniture, leather furniture and metal furniture. The top 10 countries where Thailand exports furniture are industrial, developed countries, so no wonder that the Thai furniture is seen as a luxury item. More, the domestic market is smaller than the export market, when it comes to furniture and parts of furniture.


Hard wood is the most used for the furniture that has as destination the domestic market and this is because the parawood’s white colour is not very popular among the local buyers. Japan is the country that imports most of the Thai furniture; 38.6% of the market’s total export goes to this country’s market. $216.8 million were invested by Japan in Thai furniture and furniture parts in the first six months of 2001. On the second place comes the United States with 28.8% of the total furniture exports and on the 3 rd place is the United Kingdom importing 6.4% of the Thai export furniture. The wooden products dominate the furniture exported by Thailand, comprising more than 70% of the total exports. More than 1o% of the exported furniture is made of metal.

Thailand Furniture

The huge success of the Thailand furniture on the external market determined numerous industry representatives and government agencies to encourage and promote the exports of the Thailand furniture. The crisis affected the sales of the domestic furniture but it begins to recover and have the same sales as before. If we add to this, the fact that the export sales for the future continue to be strong, it is obvious that the future of the Thailand furniture is simply bright.



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