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Thailand Full Moon Party



Thailand Full Moon Party

The Thailand full moon party takes place every month of the year, on the Koh Pha Ngan island, situated in the Thailand’s Bay, at 9 degrees Northern latitude and 100 degrees Eastern longitude.

This island offers the best combination of activities, comfort and good prices as well as safety.


The origins of the party are still uncertain but it seems that Koh Pha Ngan won its international notoriety after a thing that happened in 1985 or 1987.


In a full moon night, some friends gathered on the beach of Haad Rin to organize a good bye party for some tourists.


They took a guitar and sang all night long. The party was so perfect and the people had so much fun that they decided to come back at the next full moon and start it all over again, bringing more friends with them.


Thailand Full Moon Party

And, like this, step by step, the Thailand full moon party gained weight.  Today, after 23 years after that happening, each month starts 8 simultaneous parties on the beach, each of them offering another style of music.


Each full moon of the year attracts around 8000 people in the bad months and about 30000 in the good months, all wishful, to the Haad Rin Bay for an unforgettable night. This is one of the biggest parties in the world, and if not the biggest, then definitely one of the most beautiful.


The party lasting all night long is more and more popular on this paradisiacal Thai island.


Although even if the most stupidest party games seem funny, like skipping over a rope in fire, you should be careful, reserved, and if you are not an adventurous person by profession, stay aside and take photos, to not win a free ticket with the ‘hospital destination’. Of course, the locals, thought to take advantage of this unexpected luck that stroke their forgotten by the world community and developed the concept, so that there are parties almost all the time on the island now.


To make the business as constant as possible, the full moon party made some babies: there are two half moon parties (at the first and the last quarter) and one black moon party (in the 9 th month).


Anytime you choose to go on the Koh Phangan Island you can catch a party, like the above ones mentioned and more:

Pool party at the Coral Bungalows, the Shiva moon party and the list may continue, giving you the impression that this island never sleeps.


After the full moon party, the participants go on with their visit to Phuket, Laos, Samui, Kuala Lumpur or Cambodia and the island finally rests.

Full Moon Party inThailand

For this year’s months the full moon parties are scheduled on: September 23, October 23, November 21, December 21 and 25 and December 31. Fro 2011 the party’s dates are: January 19, February 19, March 19, April 18, May 18, June 16, July 17, August 14, September 12, October 12, November 10, December 10, December 25 and 31.  



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