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Thailand Food Recipe

Here are some very delicious Thailand food recipes you can try if you like the Thai cuisine.


For the first recipe you need green onion, two pieces of leek, one dry onion, rice, mushrooms, three carrots, a very small cabbage, curry, salt, piper, olive oil, soy sauce and pork meat with low fat.

The meat has to be cut and tempered in oil, condiments and soy sauce.

The next vegetables must be tempered: the onion, the green onion, the leek, the mushrooms, the carrots and the cabbage. Then add condiments and curry.

The rice is not boiled till the grain is not soft. Mix them all and enjoy it!


Other Thailand recipe is the chicken soup called Tom Yum Gai. The recipe’s complexity is reduced, you need 30 minutes and the following ingredients for 4 portions: 400 grams of chicken meat without bones cut in small pieces,


Food Reciper Thailand

1 cube of chicken condiment, one cube of vegetables dissolved in three cups of hot water, 100 grams of mushrooms cut in half, two tomatoes cut in slices, three sliced green onions (only the bulb) five spoons of lemon juice, three spoons of fish sauce, one little spoon of sugar, five hot peppers blasted and salt.

Mix the cubes dissolved in water, the green onion and one spoon of lemon juice in a pot and boil them at medium fire. Add the meat, the mushrooms, the fish sauce, the lemon juice and let them boil, slowly, without cover, for 10 minutes. Don’t mix in this time.


Add then the tomatoes and the hot peppers and boil everything again for more 5 minutes.

For the rice with mango recipe you need: two cups of rice with a short and sticky grain, 1 cup with coconut milk, salt, two spoons with sugar, two big, ripe, without peel and sliced. These ingredients are for 4 portions, the complexity is reduced and the preparation time is of 40 minutes. Soak the rice in water for one hour, in a pot put the rice, the coconut milk, the salt, the sugar and 1 cup of water and boil them. Mix them and let them boil, without cover, for 8-10 minutes, till the liquid is absorbed. Take it from the fire, cover and let it like this for 5 minutes. Transfer the rice in a pot with double walls and boil for 20 minutes till is done. Pour the rice in individual bowls and let it chill at the room’s temperature.

Thailand Food Recipe

Put the mango slice on it when you serve it. Other simple Thailand recipe needs: 6 broccolis, one and half cabbage, 100 grams of pea, 10 smaller carrots, two asparagus, 3 mushrooms, cup of green and red chilli, bean sprouts and 2 little cups of garlic. Warm the garlic in oil, add the cabbage, the broccolis, the pea, the mushrooms, the chilli and temper. Add black soy sauce and bean sprouts. Mix till they are boiled.



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