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Thailand Food



Thailand Food

There were no tools and sophisticated equipments for the Thailand food in the old times.

There were no pots or pans also either. The only metallic instrument used was the knife. Therefore, the cooking techniques were limited to the initial stage of the Thai cuisine. Anyway, the Thai ancestors were so creative that even without the sophisticated tool could cook diverse delicious dishes present till our days.

The art of cooking the Thai food has developed over the years, with Western influences. Once with the appearance of the modern tools for kitchen new ideas and techniques developed.

Today a good Thai chef can be more and more creative comparing with the old years. No matter the way the things evolved,


some typical methods to cook Thailand food remained the same as in past. This methods derives from the fact that Thailand abounds in natural wood that can be used to make a fire and to cook the food. Normally, the Thais fry the fresh sea fish and the meat on grill and eat them with a thin creamy mix (locally is called Nam Phrik) which has a sour-sweet favour so that is become more tasteful.


Food in Thailand

Another popular method of cooking is Yam, practically a sort of salad. But the Thai salad is different from the Western one, because the Thai sauce doesn’t have fats in its ingredients unlike the mayonnaise which contains a lot of calories and fats.


To cook a Thai salad you simply add a portion of salt condiments as well as fish from salt, lemon juice, chilli and sometimes garlic and salad and you mix them.

The you can make diverse foods with Thai salad such as shrimps salad, pork, papaya, beast salad and so on, depending on everyone’s creative ideas. So, anyone could find a delicious Yam and its spices and ingredients are very healthy.


Another way of cooking the Thai food is by boiling. Before the modern era of gastronomy, the Thais were using clay pot to boil the food. Also, they were using the same pots to cook the rice and the various kinds of soup.


The famous Tom Yam Goong comes from this boiling technique.


The food cooked with curry was very popular in the past, but the present curry foods are very different from the old ones, because the old Thais don’t use the coconut milk in those spicy soups.

The Thai culinary art evolved in contact with the cultural influences of other countries, especially Western Europe and China. The Thais adopted with pleasure a fast Chinese method of frying and created many assortments of fry entrees by agitation. Another influence of the dry (from continent) reflects in the using on a large scale of the noodles in the Thai recipes. While the Chinese fry the noodles a lot and create sauces full of savour for mix, the Thais applies it in the typical Thai style.

Thailand Food

The Thai noodles have a sweet, salt and sometimes spiced taste. A special kind is Mee Krob.



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