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Thailand Flight



Thailand Flight

There are 16 cheap flights from the Bangkok Don Muang airport to different destinations from the entire Thailand operated by two airlines. Cheap airplane tickets from this airport to ten Thailand’s cities can be found. The airport from Bangkok is also known as the Don Mueang Airport.


From here you can take a Thailand flight to Chiang Mai, operated by the Nok Air and a flight to the same destination operated by the One Two Go Company, or a cheap flight to Chiang Rai, operated by the both air companies.

Flights to Hat Yai, Krabi, Phuket and Nakhon Si Thammarat are also operated by both of the companies, while the flight to Surat Thani is operated only by One Two Go.


Flights to Udon Thani, Ubon Ratchathni and to Trang are operated by the Nok Air Company. When it comes to fly to Thailand from other cities in the world, the ticket’s prices vary depending on the company you buy the ticket from, the period of the year, fees and so on. From Melbourne to Bangkok, for example, the prices vary from $750 to more than $1000.


Thailand Flight

For the citizens of the United Kingdom, to travel to Thailand in July, August and the last month of the year, December, implies more money, these months being more expansive for trips to this country. It is indicated to book the fly with at least two months before the flight in order to obtain more favourable prices. There are British airlines, such as Eva Air, that provides direct flights to Thailand, with good services. A flight lasts 12 hours and may cost around 470 British pounds.

During the summer a flight may cost between 420 and 600 British pounds, without being necessary to take the tickets with two months before going to trip.


A flight from Minneapolis to Bangkok may cost from $830 to more than $1500, while a flight to Bangkok from Los Angeles may cost from $700 to over $1300. From $670 to $1050 may cost a ticket to fly from Seattle to Bangkok, $800-$900 a ticket from San Francisco to Bangkok, while a ticket from Chicago to the Thai capital may cost from $800 to $1200.


If you are interested to fly within Thailand then you have the possibility to choose from the 


1.963 flights that operate every week inside Thailand, from the 26 airports that operate flights and from the 294.488 seats that are available on every week.


Inside the country are operating 94 carriers and 354.588 international flights every week out of the country.


The flights are to 57 different locations, the shortest flight having 217 miles. Every week, 354.588 seats are available for flights outside Thailand.


Only from Phuket 27 non stop flights depart every week and more than 160 international flights. Numerous tourists come to 

Thailand Flight

Thailand with flights from Vienna, London, Moscow, Paris, Dublin, Sydney, Rome, New York, Toronto, Milan, Abu Dhabi and so on every year.  



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