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Thailand Flag



Thailand Flag

The Thailand flag can be seen in numerous places from all over the country, the Thais being very patriotic.

The government buildings are not the only places where you can see the flag; it is on people’s houses, on tuk-tuks, private business and boats.

The exposure to the nature’s elements may cause some damages to the flag but it remains a proud Thai symbol.

The history of the Thailand flag is interesting. King Mongkut is the one which the first official flag is credited to, in 1855. Before him, it seems that the flags were plain red.

The white elephant’s royal symbol was added to this red flag by Rama IV (King Mongkut), in order to make a more distinguishable flag.


RRama VI changed the flag’s design one more time, in 1916; the legend says that he saw a flag that was upside down flying and this determined him to make a symmetrical flag to avoid this to happen again. ama IV decided for a design that is used today excepting the middle band which was red, not blue like now.


Thailand Flag

It became blue in 1917 and the reason of its change is disputed. According to historians, the blue band was seen by Rama VI as a color of freedom since Thailand was an ally of France, Britain and America in the World War I and all the three countries had white, red and blue colors in their flags.


But there are other historians who say that blue represents Rama VI, being his color as he was born on Friday. The change could have been inspired by one of these things or by one of it, it is not sure yet.


The actual colors of the flag are symbols of three extremely important things in the Thais’ life: monarchy, religion and nation.


The religion is represented by the white color. The monarchy is represented by the blue color. The nation and the spilled blood to keep an independent and free Thailand are represented by the red color of the flag.


Controversial are about the white color also; some say that the color is related to the Buddhism’s 


purity while others say that it represents not only the Buddhism but all the religions of Thailand.

You can see the Thailand flag flown alone or together with other flags with their meaning.

For example, the Thai flag can be seen next to a yellow flag having the royal insignia. It is the flag of the king and the yellow color represents the king, born on Monday.


Like the king, the queen also has a flag, blue, as she is born on Friday; the flag has an individual royal insignia.

There are yellow flags that don’t represent the king. A Thai flag and a yellow flag with a round symbol can be seen at festivals and temples.

Flag Thailand

This flag is Buddhist and the circle represents the Dharmachakra known as the Wheel of Doctrine or the Wheel of Life.  



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