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Thailand Festivals



Thailand Festivals

The Vegetarians Festival takes place every year in Phuket, bringing the auto-mutilation amateurs on streets.

This festival it is celebrated in the 9 th month after the Chinese calendar.

The participants to the festival believe in the sacred rituals, reason for which they auto-mutilate as a sacrifice and absolutely purification of the mind but of the body also.


With 10 days before the holiday, the participants begin to eat vegetarian products only, to pray and auto-mutilate, sticking all types of sharp instruments, anywhere in body.

Another important moment of the ceremony is to walk through fire. 


One of the most bizarre and colourful festivals in the world take place close to Bangkok. Here, the tattoos are highly appreciated. The Thailand festival of tattoos takes place in the March month of every year, in the War Bang Phra Temple from the Nakhon Chai Si city. During the festival, the Thais come back to temple to energetically recharge their tattoos.Like the vegetarians festival from Phuket, or like the one of the piercings, hundreds of fireworks opened the festival in a ritual of fertility. In the Thai culture, the tattoos have a protective role, too.


Festivals in Thailand

They are a mix of Cabalistic symbols or represent animals like the monkey or the tiger. The Flowers Festival takes place in February, in Chiang Mai.


The hills of this place are an ideal natural habitat for a large variety of tropical flowers. The most of them bloom earlier, in January-February, and the land is covered by this spectacular landscape with colourful flowers such as: the African Marigold, the Ban Chun, the Celosia, the Globe Amaranth and roses like Uang Dok Lek.


As special events we mention the Miss Flower procession of flowers floating, agricultural exhibitions, flowers contests, floral arrangements contest and the sale of horticultural products by the locals including groups of farmers’ wives from districts of Chiang Mai.

Among the Thailand festivals is the Candles Festival: Khao Phansa is the time when all the Buddhist monks remain in temples.


In Ubon Ratchathani, the Candle Festival lights the talents of the local artisans.


The beeswax candles of different shape and seize are exposed in processions around the city before being presented to the local temples. The circumference of some candles produced by the Ubon Ratchathani residents is about the size of a man’s head.

Over the time, these gifts developed in candles artistically made that are now presented. Objects that produce light, like candles, flashlights or the oil lamps are considered to be some special important objects as it is thought to light the monks, physical and spiritually.

Devotion presentations are being held every year. As special events we mention honorific events and a reception for the royal candle conferred by his majesty, the king,

Thailand Festivals

the Miss Candle show, the candles contest, traditional North-Eastern meals for tourists, called Pha Khao Laeng, the procession of candles for the people dressed in local suits and dancing in the tone of the North-Eastern music with dances like: Fon Phu Tai and Ram Klong Yao. 



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