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Thailand Facts



Thailand Facts

Among the Thailand facts is the localization: Thailand is situated in South-East Asia, on a surface of 513.115 km2. It has as neighbours the Democrat Republic Laos at North, the Kingdom of Cambodia and the Myanmar Union at North-West, the Thailand Bay at East, the Indian Ocean and Malaysia at South.


The capital is Bangkok and other important cities are: Khon Kaen, Songkla, Nakhon Ratchasima, Chiangmai, Chonburi and Ayutthaya.

There are different opinions about the Thais’ origins. 3 decades ago, it was an accepted fact that they left 4.500 years ago from the Chinese countryside Szechuan, migrating along the time till the actual territory.


But this theory was disproved by some recent discoveries of artefacts in the Ban Chiang village, the district Nong Han from the North-Eastern province Udon Thani. These bring the proof of the Thais’ existence on the actual territory with long ago and of their ulterior spreading in diverse parts of Asia, including China. The country was known under the Siam name till 1939 and, again, between 1945 and 1949. In May 1949, the changing of the name’s country in Thailand (the country of the free ones) is proclaimed.  


Thailand Facts

Other Thailand facts are that it is a tropical country, with humid climate, with monsoons. The higher temperatures are met in March and April (between 28 and 38 Celsius degrees). The dry season lasts from March till May, the rainy one from June till October and the cold one from November till February.


The population is of 62 million, from which 6 million are living in capital. The official language is the Thai; English is spread enough, especially in Bangkok and the important cities. The national currency is the baht which is equal with 100 satang. The regal family is very respected in Thailand, a fact that has to be respected by the visitors, too.


The locals see the public manifestation of fury as an extremely degrading fact. The sentimental manifestations between a man and a woman are discouraged and to touch the head of a person or to direct your foot towards a person is lack of manners.


The tourists must take their shoes off before entering a temple or in somebody’s home.  


The largest Thai island is Phuket and the most popular monument of this island is the one dedicated to the heroines Thao Thep. The first Thai alphabet was created by King Ramkhamhaeng and Bangkok was built in 1782 by the Chakri Dynasty founder, King Rama I. The Thailand’s kings used to highly prize the white elephants. Thailand is also the country from which the Siamese cat was brought to Britain, by the Bangkok’s British General Consul, in 1884. In the Wat Po temple you can find the largest Buddha image from the entire Thailand. The majority of the young men are Buddhists monks but not for a long time and the monks with shaven heads can be seen every morning asking for alms.

Facts in Thailand

In Nakhon Pathom the tallest monument of Buddha in the world can be seen; it has 127 metres.



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