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Thailand Exports

The role played by the Thailand exports as well as other diverse factors in the country’s economy is significant. Actually, the Thai exports helped the country to recover from the financial crisis that affected the Asian countries from 1997 till 1998. Countries from the United States and from Asia are the principal destinations for the Thai exports. Thailand is among the countries with exports in the automobiles’ industry and with manufactures of electronic goods. This country is among the nations placed in the world’s top 10 of automobiles exports. This is a result of over 1 million cars that have been produced yearly, since 2005. Thailand’s trade balance was significantly improved by the fast increasing of the exports of cars manufactured by firms from Japan such as Isuzu,


Nissan and Toyota. But, in the Thailand exports were also ups and downs. In 2009, for example, the recession affected the Thai trade. The exports were of $150.9 billion from $175.3 billion represented by the goods exported in 2008. US are the largest partner of exports and the 3 rd bigger supplier for Thailand after China and Japan. 


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Beside the fact that the traditionally important markets of Thailand have been Japan, Europe and North America, the economic recovery of the country’s regional partners also contributed to the Thailand exports’ growth.


The exports also increased in some markets such as the Middle East, China and India, countries where Thailand’s exports were smaller. Among the main products exported by Thailand are: footwear and textiles, fishery products, rubber, rice, computers, automobiles, jewellery and the electrical appliances. In 2009, the most important export partners of Thailand were:


Australia with 5.5%, China with 10.6%, the United States with 10.9%, Malaysia with 5%, Hong Kong with 6.2% and Japan with 10.3%. In the first semester of 2010, the exports of Thailand grew to 32.45 % to $58.47 billion comparing with the same period of the last year, a growth helped by the global economy’s recovery.


Malee Choklumlert, deputy general director at DEP (The Department of Export Promotion) says that the Thailand exports grew with 34.6% in the principal destinations and with 30.6% in the emerging markets. 


Despite all these, the economy of Thailand could have suffered most because of the international financial crisis, from all the Asian nations. More, the unsecure political situation may add to the financial crisis. But, according to some signs, this country can face the economic crisis.

The debt of the government to the GDP is below the average, if we refer to region, the investment privileges remain some of the South Asia’s best ones and the financial sector maintains liquid and capitalized. Fast industrial expansion as well as the population’s growth influenced the environmental management and had as result the pollution levels’ increase (for example hazardous waste, water, noise and air).

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The air pollutants cause important impacts on health. The estimations show that the water and air pollution costs Thailand 1.6 to 2.6% of GDP every year.



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