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Thailand Expat

Thailand is the country with a considerable number of expatriates. Why do so many people choose to be a Thailand expat? There are many reasons: the housing is affordable, the crime level is relatively low and the living costs are low.

Not to mention the beauty of the country and the many attractions a Thailand expat can see. A male Thailand expat is also attracted by the Thai women. And we are not talking just about the famous bar-girls; the Thai women are nice, decent and attractive, pleasant, friendly and feminine.

A Thailand expat can rent a house or a condo eventually close to subway or Skytrain station for a safe and fast travel to his job or other destinations. Or, he can start with a condo and then rent a house.


A Thailand expat can’t buy a house but a condo, which is recommended only if he/she intends to remain in Thailand for the rest of his/her life.Renting is much more affordable. 


Expat in Thailand

Two people can spend around $275 to rent a house of 1000 square feet, for water, internet, electric, gas and garbage.


They also need $1000 per month for food and other things. A small apartment in Chiang Mai or in places from the Northern mountainous area can cost $30 per month but without air-conditioned.


An apartment with air-conditioned can cost $70 on month. For an apartment or a guest house in Phuket you can pay $90 a month or more.


Some of the papers that a Thailand expat needs before arriving to the land of smiles are the dental insurance and the international medical insurance.


The both insurances must be working in Thailand but in the home country also. To get them in Thailand is a very hard thing for a Thailand expat.


There are many clubs where a Thailand expat can find friends, advices, support, information and where they can learn from other expats’ experiences. One of these clubs is Pattaya Expats Club, where you can get free assistance on insurance, visa, home buying and so one.


It is a perfect place to consult before doing some expansive mistakes. They meet at the Grand Sole Hotel in Pattaya, the Second Road, on every Sunday, at 11.30 am. These clubs are also in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, including clubs for the woman expats. There are very numerous places to eat, from affordable places to expansive restaurants. The food is very tasty, inexpensive and served with the well-known Thai smile. The entertainment possibilities for a Thailand expat are also very numerous: music clubs, night clubs, movies, café shops, bars, cultural centres and so on. The atmosphere is friendly and peaceful, the Thais being very respectful, apologizing right away if they accidentally bump into somebody.

Thailand Expat 

There are also disadvantages living in Thailand such as: the mosquitoes, the heat, the trash, the filth of some areas but the advantages are many more. You will always meet a Thailand expat to tell you that he feels here like home.



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