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Thailand Exchange Rate



Thailand Exchange Rate

In Thailand the payments can be done in the local currency, only. The best Thailand exchange rate is offered by banks, in Bangkok the exchange rate being much more favourable then in other cities.


During the week, the banks are opened from 8.30 to 15.30. There is also a net of exchange rate with the Exchange sign on them, which are opened from 8.30 to 20.00.

It is recommended to change the foreign currency in travel checks than Baht in cash. In the airports the exchange rate is not favourable.

Here, if it is necessary, you can change minim amounts. There works the police for tourists in Thailand, in case that you feel ripped off you can ask them to help you.


Dollars have the best exchange rate and if you remain with Baht only, you can change the money at bank only, a Euro being equivalent with about 48 Baht and 100 Baht being equivalent with two Euros. The Thailand Baht is divided in 100 satang.


Thailand Exchange Rate

You will certainly not have problems regarding the money’s exchange, in this country being more than 3000 ATMs and a trustful house exchange net. The exchange rate is about 40 Baht for one American dollar.


A more advantageous exchange you will meet for the travel checks. Although the Euro is more and ore implemented, the American dollar continues to remain the favourite exchange rate.


A minute of telephonic conversation in Europe costs around 17 baht, the same as a letter.


The prices variation starts from two dollars and gets till its multiplication of thousands of times.


The stores’ doors open at 10 in the morning and close at 10 in the night, and at markets as well as in smaller stores is recommended to negotiate with a smile on your face.  


A pound sterling values 50.35 baht, a Korean won 0.0233 baht, a Japanese yen 36.54 baht, a Swiss franc values 30.06 baht, a Danish krone values 5.41 baht, an Australian dollar 28.86, a Brunei dollar 22.8 baht, a Singapore dollar 23.35 baht, a New Zeeland dollar 22.95 baht and a Canadian dollar 30.93 baht.


All the conversion are relative and with fluctuations.

Other Thailand exchange rates are: an Indian rupee values 0.6 baht, an Indonesian rupiah 2.08 baht, a Chinese yuan 4.23, a Malaysian ringgit 9.27, a Qatar riyal 6.92, a Danish krone 5.41, a Bahrain dinar 57.41, an Omani rial 56.6, A Swedish krona 4.3 baht, a United Arab Emirate Dirham 7.02 baht and a Norwegian krone values 5.16 baht.


You can change the foreign currency at the hotels’ banks but with higher commissions). Outside the big cities and tourist zones, the banknotes with a value higher than $500 are more difficult to be exchanged so it’s better to have small change with you.

Exchange Rate Thailand

Also, is recommended to have MasterCard, American Express and Visa with you, ATMs being present in all the big cities. If you want to avoid the additional charge of the exchange rate you should have travels checks.



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