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Thailand Educational System



Thailand Educational System

In the schools that follow the Thailand educational system, the things can be complicated.

These schools are led, each of them, by few Thai persons, usually of the 3 rd age and with an experience of many years in the Thai education.

Although the most of the private schools allocated a budget for the foreign teachers’ salaries, these are always in minority. Even in the bilingual schools where the students learn half of the main English courses and so where the number of the foreign teachers is bigger, the foreign are still in minority.


Having a very rigid organizational structure, when a foreign teacher suggests a change to the school’s director, or a new project, the chances of a positive answer are almost 0.


A foreign teacher with experience in the Thailand educational system presented two cases from the own experience. In the ideal version, the students should have studied in English the 4 principal skills (meaning writing, reading, speaking and listening) but this thing could not be done by many of the foreign teachers from school because they had to finish the grammar book.


Educational System Thailand

Being a book bought by parents, they couldn’t understand why the teacher considered a specific chapter less important, replacing the lesson which had to be taught form the book with one in library where the students were exposed to another type of lesson.


In this way, the foreign teacher asked the change of the grammar books, the request that was took into consideration but, in the end, was not accepted.


The reasons were multiples, but the most important was the fact that the high school and college entrance examination at English language is almost totally made of multiple choice grammar exercises.


So, both the school and the parents wanted the students to leave the school with strong grammar knowledge, a fact that happens in very many cases.


The problem is that the students coming from this kind of schools don’t know to use this knowledge except the situations when they confront with a test with multiple answers.


Practically, all they have to do is to mark the correct answer, a simply thing for them to do as long as they know the rules of the English grammar.


But, on the street, in front of a foreign person who asks them where the closest postal office is, they will not be able to babble a coherent answer.


It is true, is not easy for Thais to learn English but is not impossible. It’s necessary that the directors of the Thai bilingual schools and especially the ones from the Thai Education Ministry to understand that, at graduation, a student needs more than the English grammar knowledge.

Thailand Educational System

Actually, this grammar knowledge is not even that important like the ability of expressing the thoughts in write, to give a critical answer or to understand and be able to speak free about a red text. This is the experience of a foreign English teacher who practiced in Thailand.



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