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Thailand Education



Thailand Education

In the Thailand education the school year lasts from May to March. The state offers 6 years of free access to education. 6 years lasts the secondary education which is chosen by a minority only.

In the Thailand educational system 4 levels are comprised: preschool, the primary level, the secondary level and the higher education. A small characterization of the levels can be red as follows: to the preschool education can attend the children with ages between 3 and 5.

In each of the provincial capitals you can find a kindergarten serving as model for the private schools. The majority of the private preschools are in Bangkok. Children with ages between 6 and 11 can follow the primary education, which is compulsory but free.


In this level’s curriculum are comprised the life experience, special experiences, the development of the basic skills, the development of the character and the education is work-oriented.The secondary education has two levels, each lasting 3 years. Basic skills and morality are the goals of the lower level, allowing the individual to explore the own aptitudes and interests through a large choice of vocational and academic subjects.


Education Thailand

The goals of the upper level are the providing of the vocational skills and academic knowledge that correspond with the aptitudes and the interests of the learner.


Skills and knowledge will help the learner to accede to an upper level or to find a job.


Social studies, language, work education, mathematics and science and the development of the character are the fields covered by the secondary curriculum. A large range of exploratory subjects are also available.


The higher education is focused on the complete development of the intellect and on the technology and knowledge advancement.


The level can be organized as university, college or specialized studies institutions. The current Thai government issued some laws, regulations and rules that helped the educational reform to improve in a remarkable way.


The government’s plans are the raising of the educational standards as well as the strengthening of the education access for all.


One of these initiatives’ results was the free schooling expanding to 14 years. Comparing with the past, the Thais are more willing to have access to the higher education, especially the people living in the big cities.


The education is seen as a strong tool enabling people to compete in the world. A degree of a bachelor has not the same vale as a higher degree or master diploma; numerous people try to obtain such a diploma no matter the real advantages for their jobs. The education’s importance is realized more and more by the people living in the remote areas and seen as an important step to a better job and implicitly, a better income.

Thailand Education

But many of the uneducated Thais want fast solutions such as sending the children to the high school only and then sending them to work to bring money at home. This is why there are Thai children who don’t accede to the higher education.



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