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Thailand Earthquake



Thailand Earthquake

The earthquake from the Indian Ocean, in 2004 was a submarine earthquake with a magnitude of 9.0 degrees on the Richter scale. It had the epicentre in the sea, close to the Northern Coast of the Indonesian Island Sumatra and caused a series of tsunami waves that affected the coastal regions of 8 Asian countries and also caused the death of more than 120.000 people.


This was the 5 th strongest earthquake from the modern history (since they are registered with seismographs. More tsunami waves hit the coastal regions from the Indian Ocean, destroying entire regions among which Thailand, the Phuket Island, Sri Lanka’s East Coast, Aceh (Indonesia), the coastal areas from the Tamil Nadu state


(India) and even some far places such as Somalia which is situated at 4.100 kilometres East of epicentre. The authorities announced that the Thailand earthquake caused the death of 1516 persons from which at least 700 foreign and the disappearance of another 1200.


Thailand Earthquake

Seam Lewis, a Canadian of 29 years old, which was on a beach of the Thai island Phuket when it was covered by the tsunami, survived after he was carried at sea by a huge wave, clinging of a fisherman’s body who was wearing a rescue vest that held them both on the water’s surface for 10 hours.


The young man who was working in Thailand for a petroleum society related that he stood suspended by the fisherman’s body till a helicopter spotted and saved him.


A Portuguese teenager of 13 years old, who was surprised by flood while she was diving along the Thailand’s coasts, was saved, after one day spent in water, by a Norwegian ship.


Unfortunately, the girl’s parents were among the 5 missing Portuguese in Thailand, the beach resort in which they were being destroyed by the wave’s fury.


A blonde boy of 2 years old was in a local hospital from the South of Thailand after he was found alone on a street from the Phang Nga province, being probably separated by parents in the moment of the catastrophe.


The authorities thought he is Swedish but couldn’t say with precision because the boy could barely say some words. A German who lost his girlfriend in catastrophe said that he was a lot of children dying and parents trying to keep the children close to them and couldn’t do it. Petra Nemkova, a photo-model of Czech origin, was hospitalised while her photographer and boyfriend, the British Simon Atlee was on the missing persons list. The couple was spending a vacation in the Phuket resort and were both surprised by the seismic waves that swept away this Thai resort. According to the Sun magazine, Nemkova stood in a tree for eight hours and suffered numerous intern lesions and a hip sprain.

Earthquake in Thailand

The model of 25 years old appeared in magazines like Sports Illustrated, Marie Claire and Vogue, being in the same time one of the Victoria Secret’s models. She remained with some hard to forget memories about this Thailand earthquake.



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