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Thailand Drug Law

Thailand Drug Law

According to the Thailand drug law, any possession of drugs of the category one drugs, for disposal, is punished with the death penalty, but it hasn’t been applied since 2004. In the category one drugs enters drugs like the heroin.


Even the ones who smoke weed have to go to the rehab, a mandatory thing in Thailand, no matter the drugs category. The narcotics traffic is supervised by the regular police and by the Office of Narcotics Control Board.

According to the Narcotics Act of Thailand, the official who search the drugs suspect has the right to detain and question the suspect.

Although the law says that the officer must have a peaceful behavior on the suspect, there are many and repeatedly accusations of power abuse.

For example, a foreign teacher that was smoking cannabis in his home was arrested and sent to jail. He heard that the cannabis confiscated from him had 95% chances to be sold again by the police.


The drug trafficking around the Thailand’s shores is big enough because of the ethnic resistance groups supplying the drugs for the weapon funds and because the country is close to the Golden Triangle.

The raids’ frequency and the punishments are big despite the great drugs availability. There is no Police Complaints Commission in Thailand. Calls for a bigger control and for the police’s accountability are frequent.

All the efforts in these directions have received a strong resistance. In a analysis regarding the illegal economy of Thailand, 3 students from the Thai university, stated that the police’s chances to suppress the activities in which they are strongly involved are like non existing.

In 2002 the number of arrests related to drugs was 215.209, in 2003 – 102407 and in 2004- 58.853. Thaksin Shiniwat is the one who started the war against the drugs in Thailand, in 2003.

He motivated his action by saying that he responses to a His Majesty the King’s speech who asked for a resolve of the methamphetamine problem that was spread all over the country.


The prime minister had a speech of great impact in which he announced a campaign and was very firm when he said that each person who has anything to do with the drugs, no matter where he is, he has to be punished. In repeatedly ways Shiniwat said that resources and funds will be available for the fight with the drugs in all the country’s districts. It seems that the speech was an inspiration because it was the beginning of a hell in which 2000 people died in 3 months. The rumors about the police using the force were widespread, the orders being for the police to show some results. In short time, a lot of drug dealers (small time) were dead (shot) and a little packet with amphetamine was found on each of them, every time.

Drug Law Thailand

The police said that these drug dealers just shot each other in order to avoid grassing.


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