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Thailand Drinking Age



Thailand Drinking Age

If you plan to travel to Thailand you probably have in plan to go to bars also. And if you are wondering what the Thailand drinking age is, we can tell you that is 20. You may thing that is higher than in other countries but you should be satisfied. In 2006 the authorities intended to raise the Thailand drinking age at 25. The goal it was to keep the young Thais away of drinking abuse.

This intention shocked the public and the tourists; most of the people considered that raising the Thailand drinking age to 25 will make the tourists change their mind and not coming to the land of smiles. People said that to drink is something normal all over the world, the problem being the lack of education regarding the alcohol abuse’s dangers and the ones of the drink driving.


They also said that the authorities should invest money and efforts in educating the young Thais about the alcohol abuse. There were strongly doubts about this measure’s implementation, the solution being seen as irrational.


Thailand Drinking Age

More, some people said that the sugar products and the fast food products should be banned too because they are affecting the young Thais in a negative way.


Today, the Thailand drinking age is 20 and if you go to bar, you have many chances not to be checked.


You should have your ID card with you because the police use to make raids in the Thai clubs and bars. They look for underage drinkers and drugs consumers so if you will be caught drinking without having the legal age you will go to jail where you may meet some unfriendly mates.


After raising the Thailand drinking age from 18 to 20 some bad news came for the alcohol producers: a ban of the alcohol advertising.


The ban included the billboards, the cinema, newspapers and television advertising.


The magazines from import and the advertisements inside the live broadcasts are the exceptions. It seems that the costs for the alcohol advertising in Thailand were about $71 million per year. The new measures warned the advertising industry about the ban costing the entertainment events and the sporting events over 130 million baht per year because of the lost sponsorship.


This ban came as a result of some researches showing that the advertising can increase the alcohol consume up to 4 times. According to the professor Kusol Soonthorndhada from the Mahidol University in Bangkok, any kind of advertising leads to the desire of drinking alcohol.


He also added that the parents’ beliefs are that alcohol advertisements are responsible for the teenagers’ alcohol consume.


77% of the interviewed people consider that the ads are responsible for the large number of teenage drinking alcohol and 60% consider that banning the alcohol advertisements will reduce this number of drinkers.

Drinking Age Thailand 

No wonder that the Thailand drinking age was raised to 20 years, with 1 million Thai teenagers consuming alcohol and 7.8 million Thai young people also drinking alcohol.



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