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Thailand Donation To Haiti



Thailand Donation To Haiti

In the South of Thailand, in Takuapa, is a congregation that knew the effects of a natural cataclysm. A lot of the families’ members that suffered from the December 2004 tsunami as well as the survivors were helped by the LCC (the Lutheran Church-Canada).

The community was a centre for bodies’ identification and for emergency efforts. It was the time for the children of the Lutheran Church from Takuapa Sahatay to help by donating about 300 baht to the Haiti people. The majority of the church’s members are poor, living at the subsistence level, but their gesture is a proof of their love experienced from Lord and His Son, as the president of the Lutheran Church Canada, Reverend Robert Bugbee said.


Other donation came form the churches’ members who attended a convention of the Igelsia Luterana Sinodo de Nicaragua, at a short time after the big earthquake from Haiti. Many of the members received help from the Lutheran Church, in 1998, after the hurricane Mitch.


Donation in Haiti Thailand

The president of the church said that the people respond to the others’ needs with generosity when they understand the sacrifice of His own Son, by God, to give us a new life and forgiveness.


The Thailand donations for Haiti came also from some special friends. A boy of 7 years called Peter and his friends PlaiKacha and Plai Yodyeam (24 and 14 years old) dedicated their time and energy to collect donations for the Haitian victims. The three friends collected money in Bangkok, in some white baskets with the red crosses painted on them. About $21.000 (700.000 baht) were raised and donated to the Red Cross Society’s Haiti Relief Fund from Thailand, surpassing the donation of the Thai government.


What you don’t know is that the three friends are elephants, living with other 150 pachyderms in Ayutthaya, at 50 miles in the Bangkok’s north, in a elephant sanctuary.


This is not the only help offered by the Thai elephants; they also moved the toppled trees after floods, saved cars from water, cleared the waterways.


Debris was removed and bodies were recovered in the south of Thailand, by tuskers, 5 years ago, after a huge tsunami that devastated the shore close to the Indian Ocean. A Royal Elephant Kraal and Village, Ewa Narkiewicz from Australia said that the elephants can help with their force and intelligence but also can provide an important moral help.


The animals are a visible and important part of Thailand, spiritually and culturally. Peter attracted a lot of attention while collecting the money for Haiti, being happy to be spoiled with sugar cane. A sort of racist Thailand donation for Haiti consisted in 50.000 bottles with cream that whitens the skin.

Thailand Donation in Haiti

The donation came from the Thailand’s government as a respond to the international criticism regarding the $20.000 donated by this country to Haiti. Kasit Piromya, the foreign minister said that the people of Haiti have a very dark skin and this is one of the reasons of their poverty.



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