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Thailand Dolphins



Thailand Dolphins

If swimming with Thailand dolphins is your dream that you hope to come true, there is a place you don’t want to miss: the Oasis Sea World, situated in the Chantaburi Province, Laem Sing, in the Thailand’s East.

This is the home of the Thailand dolphins, with a training centre and a nursery, where you can meet the pink Thailand dolphins and the Irrawaddy Thailand dolphins.

Both species are indigenous to Thailand with a declining number because of the fishing accidents and excessive droughts.


The Irrawaddy Thailand dolphin lives in the sea and in rivers which may bring it double troubles and this is why its number is declining fast.


This is why the activity of this centre is so important and you can bring your contribution by visiting the theme park to swim with the Thailand dolphins and to spread the word about this centre to other people. To swim with these dolphins is an experience that you will remember forever but also represents a help given to these needy animals to not become extinct.


Thailand Dolphins

The Oasis Sea World Centre has 11 hectares and two basins for the Thailand dolphins: in one of them the dolphins offers their shows and in the other one they are trained and enjoy the program called ‘Swim with the dolphins’.


This park has a restaurant with food for everybody’s tastes, beverages and refreshments. Since 2010 the centre offers swimming with Thailand dolphins packages after this offer was suspended for a new pool building. This pool area was made for the tourists swimming with dolphins while the pregnant dolphins can rest and have their privacy in other area.


There are two places in the world where the pink dolphins can be seen: Thailand and Fuji. A group of 40 mammals live their life around the Khanom beach, beating from North to South all day long. If you are lucky, you can see them from your bungalow’s window, early in the morning or in the evening, before the sunset.


A rare pink Thailand dolphin was found with strong wounds on a Thailand beach.  After it was treated by the vets, the animal was released in the ocean.


The Koh Samui authorities received claiming that Jessie, the pink dolphin was trained for tourist shows and decided to release it in nature. The male of two years old, called Jessie by the vets, was severely wounded in the fishermen trammels. After two months, an organisation for the animal protection received a series of photos with Jessie, from an anonymous person, trained in a pool to have shows.

The Thai authorities didn’t confirm the existence of the photos but they decided that is better to Jessie to be released in the ocean. This decision didn’t calm too much the militants for the animals’ rights who say that they are worried for the big number of animals from rare species, like

Dolphins in Thailand 

the pink Thailand dolphins, that are illegally captured on beaches for the tourists’ entertainment.



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