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Thailand Dog



Thailand Dog

Ridgeback is a Thailand dog of 23 to 34 kilos and a height of 48 to 63 cm. This dog is not very popular outside the land of smile but in Thailand is used for hunting and guard.


It is a dog race old about 350 years and is the most known from the Thailand’s East.

This Thailand dog is a medium waist dog, brawny, with a longer body but not tall body. Its head is proportional with the body, trapezoidal shape, a pout that is equal in dimensions with the cranium, conic shape and black nose.

Thailand dog’s eyes are of medium size, oval and brown.

The ears have medium size, triangular, with the ears easily rounded and up.


The tail has a medium size, thin, pointed on top, the horizontally held in rest or vertically in alert mood.The hair is short, straight, soft with a ridge on back made of hair that grew up, back. The colour of the hair can be black, bleu, maroon or slivery. As personality, the Thailand dog is an active dog, saucy, full of energy, clever, independent.


Thailand Dogs

It is devoted and protective with its owner, accepts the children but it is reserved with the strangers. Can be dominant with other dogs and the animals from the yard are accepted if it was socialised in its childhood.


This Thailand dog need an occasionally brush with a rubber brush, enough to keep its hair in good shape.


It is a dog that loves to live outdoors, in a not too cold climate, with the possibility of making daily movement as much as possible, with an active family and with experience in dogs’ raising. It needs training and socialisation.


You can relatively easy this dog but since it is dependent sometimes, the training has to be firm, consequent, balanced with a gentle approach, friendly.


This dog loves to move a lot, to take part in diverse sportive canine contests.


As utility, Ridgeback can be used to hunting and house’s protection. The Bangkaew dog is another Thailand dog, with a compact built body, well proportions and smooth gait.


The hair is longer and thicker around the dog’s chest and neck and the tail is plumbed. This Thailand dog’s name comes from a village situated in the Phitsanulok Province, the Bang Rakam District, from the Thailand’s central region.

The name of the village is Bangkaew and the monastery with the same name, from this village seems to be this Thailand dog’s origin. According to the legend, Luang Puh Maak, the 3rd abbot of this monastery received a dog from a villager. As the abbot was very loving and caring with all the living beings raised the dog female and her 4 babies. This Thailand dog is protective with his family and home, watchful, alert, loyal to its master and sometimes can be distant with strangers.

Dogs in Thailand 

They love to swim and dive, are very active and agile, very intelligent but they also can be not very easy to train.



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