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Thailand Documentary

Being such a fascinating country, Thailand is the subject of many documentaries with different themes.


Buddha’s lost children is a Thailand documentary about one ex successful pugilist Phra Khru Bah, a famous monk now, who travels through the mountainous regions of the Thailand’s North, in the unwelcoming area of the Golden Triangle.

He takes with him the locals’ children in his long way to a far away temple.

During the trip, Phra shows them the positive values of life and the possibilities of a life in conformity with the Buddhist ideas. The author of the Thailand documentary, Mark Verek follows the kids in this trip.


He goes in the long trip, not only to meet a glorious spiritual maestro but to assist closely to the new monks’ initiation. The Thailand documentary presents a harmony oasis in the everyday life’s chaos. Thai paradise is another Thailand documentary, with more episodes, about the fishing in Thailand.


Thailand Documentary

These fishermen travel to capture some rare gigantic fish species to study and protect these creatures.


They are not looking for usual fish but for mega-fish, true monsters that affront the credible with their enormous proportions, the hunting ‘arms’ and mysterious behaviour. Having almost two metres length and more than 100 kilos, the fish seems unreal. A touching Thailand documentary is the one called Bangkok Girl, a story about Pla, a 19 years old girl working in a Thai bar since she was 13. The documentary offers a view of the sex tourism in Thailand through this girl’s experiences.


She is one of the bar girls who managed not selling herself for sex in a world where this thing is almost impossible. Thailand documentary called The Real Bangkok Hilton presents the life of the Bangkwang prison’s inmates. It is the first time when the cameras had access inside the prison also known as the Bangkok Hilton.


There are 7.000 persons, the most of them being drug offenders and 883 are sentenced to death. The maximum security jail is called the big Tiger by the Thais because many of the prisons will go to the execution chamber.


It took 2 years for BBC to get the permission to enter Bangkwang and to make the Thailand documentary the team spent 2 weeks within the walls, listening to the prisoners’ stories, their fights not to loose their mind and the guards’ struggles to manage the big number of prisoners. The 883 number can be seen on an outside wall symbolising the number of the prisoners who will be killed.

Documentary in Thailand


A conversation with a prisoner, Amporn Birtling, a moving experience; he was sentenced to death for drug contraband and he said that he will find out about his execution with just two hours before it will happen. He said that he hated the drugs and told his kids to stay away from them. In the end of this Thailand documentary he said that he wants a new chance, a touching moment for viewers.



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