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Thailand Diving



Thailand Diving

If you are a diving fan and you are interested in the Thailand diving, you have to know that the Samui Islands, Tao and Phangan are famous for the numerous diving centres, representing one of the most important and attractive destinations for the diving fans from all over the world. Is the ideal destination for all the divers’ categories: beginners, willing for adventure, which can register to a diving school and in the shortest time they can become true divers; the ones who already have a certificate can upgrade it and the pro ones can improve their experience.


As diving destination we can suggest: Chumpon Pinnacle – is considered first site from Koh Tao being one of the most difficult,


due to the strong winds. Varying in depths from 12 metres to 40 metres, the site is a group of massive rocks arranged in an oval brute condition that gives the sensation of a tower with sharp top. The visibility is superb in season and the site plays the host role for a big variety of oceanic fish, as well as reef fish. The South-West Pinnacle- is made of a rock formation with depths varying from 4 and 30 metres, the ‘tower’s tops being covered by a carpet of green, red and blue anemones, with their cavalcade of colourful fish.


Thailand Diving

The leopard sharks and the whale sharks are occasional visitors but you can see the batfish, the stonefish, snappers, scorpion fish, groupers, barracudas with yellow tale and parrot fish.


Shark Island – probably representing the most various site.


It is a small unlived island, at South-East of the Tao Island, always existing new to be seen here, including the most amazing colonies of soft corals from the Thailand’s Bay.


The anemones garden doesn’t miss as well as a big variety of fish. Here we can find almost all the species that can be found in an ocean as well as turtles and sea snakes.


White Rock – made of two groups of rocks separated through a sand channel (depths from 9 to 24 metres) representing the home of one of the most notorious fish: ‘Trevor the Trigger’.


Here you can see a sea snake, a turtle, a Moray fish, the angle fish and the butterfly fish.


Look carefully at the antler corals to observe a big fish or a monk fish, in the same tine observing perfectly black out fish: scorpion fish or rock fish.


Hin Wong Pinnacle – is situated in the South part of the Tao Island and represents a big and very various site with depths from 10 meters to 32 meters. Although the visibility is unforeseeable here, Hin Wong offers unforgettable views being covered with curly wire corals and numerous fish: grouper, snapper, file fish, and other reef fish.


Twin Peaks – the site is made of two groups of rocks with depths varying from 10 to 18 metres. 

Diving in Thailand

Here you can see groupers, clown fish, panda fish, sea cats, anemones, crawfish, flat worms and pipe fish.



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