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Thailand Dishes



Thailand Dishes

The healthiest, the most colourful, the tastiest and, in the same time, the less complicated, all these qualities together are owned by the Thailand dishes.

One element present in the Thailand dishes is the rice (kow in Thai), the base of the Thai’s diet and at the most of the lunches the boiled rice (kowsuay) is served. But there are variations, too. The pounded rice (jok) and the rice soup (kow torn) are good for the breakfast but they are served to dinner also, sometimes.

The ’sticky’ rice (kow neeyao) is popular more in North and North East, is eaten with the hand or soaked in soups and pasta. The fry rice is also very popular and can be ordered in many Thailand dishes and combinations:


with pork (mu), with vegetables (jai), chicken (gai) and with shrimps (goong). Among the Thailand dishes is the kow pud American, also very popular. It is a sort of ‘Thai-American’ combination coming from the American soldiers who stayed on the Thailand’s territory during the Vietnam War.


Dishes in Thailand

It is made of sausages, vegetables and pineapple, all mixed with ketchup and ornate with egg.


The noodles, although on the Thailand dishes list were brought in Thailand from China.


They play an important role in the Thais’ diet and are served in diverse ways.


A distinct way is pad Thai, preferred by locals and by tourists too.


The thin noodles are fried with a mix of sweet and bitter sauces, tofu, egg and dry shrimps, peanuts and lemon juice. Seeyooo pad is also among the Thailand dishes, often written as Chinese Style noodles in soy sauce in the menus.


The noodles are fried in soy sauce with an egg and kanar (a green popular vegetable), to which the spices can be additionally added (sugar, fish sauce and vinegar).


Based on the Thailand’s region you visit, you can serve the following Thailand dishes: Kow soi gay-spicy chicken and curry (it has a sweet but also spicy flavour) and Gang hunglay-pork and ginger stew if you are in North.


In the South Thailand among the Thailand dishes you can try are: Massaman gai-spicy chicken, potatoes and curry in a thick sauce called massaman. It is served with rice or pita and is popular among the Muslims from South. Kow yum has a distinctly sweet, bitter and salt taste, based on a mix of fish, ground and fried coconut, shrimps, fruits, vegetables and flavoured plants.


As regarding the Central Thailand, many of the Thailand dishes coming from this region have as bases the coconut milk and roots, mixed with other sauces and spiced to have a special Thai flavour. Don’t miss the Tom yum goong- a shrimp sweet-spicy soup. It is one of the most required Thailand dishes.

Thailand Dishes 

Yum woon sen is a gelatinous mix of noodles with lemon juice, onion, minced pork meat, pepper, fish sauce, parsley. The pork meat can be changed with shrimps. After all this list of Thailand dishes, we wish you bon appetite!



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