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Thailand Diseases



Thailand Diseases

Among the Thailand diseases are the plague, the malaria, the Japanese encephalitis, filariasis, the dengue fever, diseases called arthropodborne.

Malaria is more present in the rural areas, especially at the border with Cambodia and Myanmar. The symptoms of this disease are similar to the flu’s ones: higher fever (up to 40 degrees), diarrhoea, vomits, nausea, body’s shakings, headache, muscular pains and a bad general mood.

In order to prevent these Thailand diseases is recommended to sleep and stay in houses with air-conditioned, to use shirts with long sleeves and long pants when going out, to keep the insects’ illnesses away, to use the insect repellents that contains DEET in a concentration of 35% for adults and up to 10% for kids


(this is indicated when you are not staying in houses with air-conditioned). There is the Thailand diseases called the water and foodborne diseases such as: typhoid fever, hepatitis E, hepatitis A, giardiasis, E coli (ETEC), cholera and amoebiasis.


Thailand Diseases

Other Thailand diseases are: HIV, rabies, hepatitis B.


To prevent them, before going to Thailand the next vaccinations are recommended: immune globulin or hepatitis B, immune globulin (IG) or hepatitis A, the Japanese encephalitis (for one month or longer trips), rabies, yellow fever and the typhoid vaccination which is very important because there are S. typhi strains resisting to the many antibiotics.


The rabies is an infectious disease caused by the rabies virus. It is disease transmitted to people from animals, the most of the time through a bite.


The precocious treatment of rabies is essential, because it has results only applied before the first symptoms appearance.


This disease can cause the death.


You can keep these Thailand diseases far away from you by following some rules such as: don’t eat the food coming from the streets’ vendors, wash your hands with lot of soap and water, eat cooked food of vegetables and fruits peeled by yourself (everything has to be boiled, peeled, cooked),


 avoid the ice cubs, the fountain drinks and the tap water, drink boiled water only or carbonated drinks and carbonated water in cans, avoid the traffic accidents and travelling at night, prevent the parasitic and the fungal infections, keep your feet dry and clean, don’t go barefoot, remain in well-screened zones and use repellents, as well as long pants and shirts with long sleeves to protect you from the insects’ bites. And of course, go see your doctor before going to Thailand and ask him what vaccinations you have to do before your trip. There is no secret that in Thailand the sexual tourism is practiced so you have to be very careful at the sexual diseases. Every tourist who intends to go seeing this country should be informed about the Thailand diseases with sexual transmission.

Diseases in Thailand 

If you intend to have sexual relations with the Thai girls don’t forget to use the latex condoms to not infect yourself with HIV or other diseases from the same category. To stay safe is important!



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