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Thailand Diamonds



Thailand Diamonds

You can not talk about the land of smile without reminding about the Thailand diamonds. You can’t because this country is one of the most important centres of diamonds cutting in the world.

This fact transforms Thailand in the ideal place for the marketing of all types of stones, more or less precious.

The Thai jewellers also situate in the innovator current of the style offering Thailand diamonds of the most different shapes.

And, who wants, can even buy rings made of precious stones only. Of course, the classical jewellery can’t miss from the offer, on high peaks of refinement.

There is no secret that in Thailand you can find precious stones, gold and silver at affordable prices.


It is the perfect place to buy jewellery but you have to pay attention to what you buy because you can find low quality jewellery and fake prices too.There are some things you should know before buying Thailand jewellery to avoid problems: understand what high quality Thailand diamonds means, first of all.


Thailand Diamonds

You have to look for colour, clarity, carat and cut, all of these reflecting the price and the quality of a diamond.


The yellow diamonds are not as valuable as the clear ones.


If you see diamonds with bubbles on it you should know that it also not as valuable as one without it.


These are the first things you have to know before purchasing precious stones.


The next things are related to the Thailand diamonds’ price. Make a visit to all the jewellery stores in your region, make a comparison between the diamond types and the prices before you make a decision and buy something.


Knowing the return policy of the stores is also important. The most of them don’t have such thing and the stores who have the return policy retain 25% of the price.


There are stores that offer the full refund of the price in the first 30 days and stores claiming that you can get the refund at the Thai embassy, government agency or consulate but it is only a scam. So, buy something that you are convinced you want.


Be also careful to test your Thailand diamonds before buying them. There many stores with jewellery in the land of smiles but there are also many fake diamonds as well as scams. The shopkeeper may try to convince you to buy something but remember that he only wants to sale his merchandise.

If you don’t have the proper equipment to verify the stones and you don’t know too well what you should buy, then find the person who can test your diamonds. Don’t hesitate to barter with the sellers; you can offer a lower price because to negotiate is something very normal in Thailand. These are the basic advices regarding the Thailand diamonds you should take into consideration before purchasing the precious stones.

Diamonds in Thailand

Many of the Thailand diamonds stores are in Bangkok like the Rama Jewellery Group Ltd, with two stores and a 0ver 40 years experience.



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