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Thailand DHL

Thailand DHL is number 1 in logistics and express, serving the Thai business community for more than 30 years, with locations in 76 provinces. 1973 is the year when the Thailand DHL was established, being the first operator that offered express air overnight delivery from Asia to European countries, by the air express service. Thailand DHL provides logistic solutions to the clients, in a large range, through 3 services: DHL Supply Chain, DHL Global Forwarding and DHL Express. The clients benefit from the one-stop-shop service’s convenience, from documents to big items like containers, brought by more than 5.300 staff. After more than 30 years of activity, Thailand DHL has a great knowledge of the Thai market, being the leader with over 30.000 clients from the entire Thailand trusting in.


the exporters and the importers of Thailand have been supporting by Thailand DHL, as a trade agent, offering them a top expertise allowing them to concentrate on the main business. The Thailand DHL express operation started in 1973 and in 1990 the Thailand DHL International Limited Formally was founded and opened in Bangkok. 13 years later, due to the fact that the company was offering ocean and air logistic and freight solution from one source, the Danzas Air and Ocean and the DHL Express integrated into the Thailand DHL.


Thailand DHL The biggest Thai air express hub was opened in 2003, at the International Airport-Donmuang in Bangkok. In 2005, DHL received new strength from the Exel acquisition of Deutsche Post World Net.

Thailand DHL provides expertise in ocean and air freight, overland transport, express freight and logistic solutions. The expertise in the international mail services and a deep knowledge of the local markets also adds to all these.

In 2006 the new Thailand DHL Express Hub was inaugurated at the Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok.


For more than three decades, the Thai business was facilitated by the Thailand DHL with their large range of logistic and express services, the company supporting the economy of Thailand step by step in the logistic process, both upstream and downstream.

Upstream includes materials, the manufacturing, and downstream including the small items like the store shelves and the big elements like the production. Thailand DHL Express as well as the entire international net connects more than 220 countries and over 120.000 destinations thorugh which DHL offers express courier services for business destinations or private clients. If you want to send documents or packets in the sane day, in a certain time or certain number of days, Thailand DHL Express offers you the service you need. They want to be and stay the first option for their clients and this is why Thailand DHL continuously do their best to assure the clients’ success,

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helping them to develop and accomplish their aspirations. The most of the clients have great expectations, wanting Thailand DHL to anticipate and resolve the most complicated challenges regarding the supply chain with the highest level of implication and quality.



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