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Thailand Desserts



Thailand Desserts

One of the Thailand desserts that can be prepared in only 5 minutes, is the peanuts and honey dessert. For 6 to 8 portions you need salt, black piper, one spoon of peanuts oil, two spoons of honey, 250 g of green peanuts, 120 g of dehydrated coconut core, 2 red hot peppers, without seeds and small minced and two gingers.

You have to scrape the gingers and pour the rasping to collect the juice. Next you combine it with the honey. The oil is girded in a big pan and the honey mixture is added. You mix it for 5 or 6 seconds. Add the peanuts and the coconut core and fry them till they toast. Add the hot peppers, the salt and the piper. Mix them till the ingredients are well homogenized. Serve the peanuts cold or warm.


For an unusual ice cream, with flavor, fine taste and without having too much sugar it takes 10 minutes to do it.


Thailand Desserts

You can make it as spicy as you want because the condiments can be added gradually.


Easy to make, for 4 portions, it needs: 400 ml of coconut milk, a spoon of brown sugar, spoon of salt, of a red hot pepper, 6 cm piece of ginger and one lime.


Take the ginger’s peel away, rasp it and squeeze it; keep the juice. Cut the pepper in round pieces, starting from the inferior half till you get to the seeds.


Beat the pieces as fine as possible in a bowl. Rasp the lime’s peel then squeeze it; beat the sugar in other bowl.


Mix the coconut milk with the lime’s peel and juice, the salt, the sugar and the ginger juice.


Put the mix in the fridge for about one hour till it freezes but remains enough tender to be taken with the spoon. Advices:


add to the coconut milk some ginger juice gradually, some lime juice and hot pepper till you get the wanted taste.


The ice cream must be chill, flavored and spicy as much as you want it. Don’t overreact with the salt and the sugar, they have only the role of giving taste to the other ingredients. Another Thailand dessert is the rice pudding with mango.


For two portions you need 250 g of rice, one can of mango compote, 300 ml of coconut milk, four spoons of sugar, vanilla sugar, a knife top of cinnamon and salt. Boil the rice in water with a knife top of salt for 6 minutes. Drain the rice off the water in which it boiled and rinse it under warm water. Put the rice to boil again in coconut milk mixed with the syrup from the mango compote, the sugar and the vanilla sugar.

Desserts in Thailand

Boil at small fire, blending all the time till the liquid comes down and the pudding gets hard. Put the pudding in bowls and put some fine grinded cinnamon on it. Serve the pudding at the room’s temperature, warm or cold, with cold mango slices.



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