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Thailand Demonstrations



Thailand Demonstrations

The Thailand demonstrations asked for the abolishment of the premier and started in April 2010 with a force demonstration in the Parliament’s court, the Government’s members being evacuated with the helicopter.


The Thai premier enforced the emergency situation in Bangkok, where protests for subversion took place. The Red Shirts’ movements, supporting the ex - premier Thaksin Shinawatra, have never taken such a dimension in the situation in which their protest lasted more than 4 weeks. In exchange, the authorities would want to avoid with any price the confrontations.

After minor incidents took place, the Red Shirts announced the organization of a march to the


Parliament where a meeting of the Lower House was taking place as well as reunion of the Government. The meeting was postponed after the living of many members, before the decision of the 5.000 demonstrators to enter the court. The Parliament’s general secretary, Pitoon Pumhiran, said that the demonstrators used a truck to put down the gate. After one hour, two Blackhawks helicopters sent by the number 11 infantry regiment from army, where the Government took refuge, landed in back of the building.


Thailand Demonstrations

In about 15 minutes, more officials were evacuated. The Red Shirts did not worry for the presence of the forces and withdrew peacefully. One of the leaders, Korkaew Pikulthong, said that their mission was accomplished and they can come back at their base.


The premier Abhisit Vejjajiva left the Parliament, too, before the demonstrators came. He assisted at only 15 minutes of the Government’s meeting.


The leader of a more and more fragile majority, cancelled a visit to Washington, which had to take place in April, where he was going to participate at a summit dedicated to the nuclear security.


The opposition obtained an important strategic position by occupying a touristic and business district from Bangkok, paralyzing the luxury hotels’ activity and of the commercial centers, causing losses of million of euro.


And they accumulate influence with every day that passes, in the conditions in which the authorities avoid to disperse the demonstrators with force to avoid any sideslip.


According to the police, about 37.000 demonstrators were in the touristic area and over 18.000 on a boulevard from city, where they located starting with March.

The government lengthened the application of the law regarding the internal security with one week, which confers the army the possibility to organize operations of maintain the order.


Also, a spokesman said that the Government is ready to enact the emergency situation is the things go worse.

But the intervention effectives received orders not to use the force and more officials, including Abhisit, reiterate that they are for the peaceful solution of the crisis.

Demonstrations in Thailand

The Red shirt who are supported by the citizens from the rural area of the Thailand’s North and North-East, consider the premier as being illegitimate and representing the interests of the elites from the capital. The movement asks the organization of the anticipated elections.



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