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Thailand Dating



Thailand Dating

When it comes to the Thailand dating one important thing is the appearance, both physical and as body language.

The first mentioned has to be groomed and neat and the manners and the attitude are very important regarding the body language.


The Thais give a high attention to gestures and recognize a fake man immediately. This aspect may be explained by the fact that the Thais don’t like the confrontations at all.

They will not express their disagreements verbally and give importance to the face’s expression and to the posture nuances.

The Thai girls don’t use to start a contact so you have to be the one who makes the first step.


The girls will send you a smile or a glance if they are interested in you. When you are in a club and you want to make a contact with a girl you can send her a note to her through a waitress or a friend.


Dating in Thailand

In the note you can ask her the phone number. After getting the number you can make the next step and approach the girl.


You can ask the girl for a date after the rapport with her was established. If the girl wants to bring some friends with her at the date, don’t be shocked.


It is something normal in Thailand and it may make the date more interesting, funny and relaxed.


It may take even more than two dates in group till the girl decides to come alone at the date; it depends on the girl. If you don’t live in Thailand but you want to meet Thai girls you can always use the Internet.


You can meet many Thai girls, and who knows, maybe even the love of your life. In case that you will stay in Thailand only for a vacation, to meet a fine girl will not be very easy.


If you will meet the girl on Internet, first, then will be easier to establish a direct relation with her during your visit.


Talking on chat, seeing each other on the web camera, you discover each other, find out the hobbies, be comfortable one with the other. If you also talked on the phone with the girl, then meeting her face to face should not be a difficult thing to do.

Many men around the world chose to meet Thai girls on Internet, first. If you choose to do it too there is one important thing that you should now: the girls in Thailand are very jealous and they don’t accept the idea that you may be talking to someone else that them. So, if you find a Thai girl that you really like, you better stop chatting or emailing other girls. The Thai girls like the foreign men because they don’t cheat on them like the Thai men.

Thailand Dating

This is why you may lose the girl you talk to if she founds out that she is not the only one you talk to.



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