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Thailand Danger



Thailand Danger

Generally, the land of smile is a safe place but there are some Thailand dangers that can appear.

It is advisable not to travel alone, especially if you are a woman.

Once you arrived in Thailand, be careful to take a licensed taxi that be recognized after the black and yellow tags or the public transportation.


At the hotel, be careful to have your room locked at night. In order to avoid the Thailand dangers is also advisable to avoid the area of the country’s border with Burma where some conflicts between the drug traffickers and the security forces may appear. The drug traffickers are not the only Thailand dangers at the border, but bandits and pirates,


 too and this is why is recommended to have a licensed guide with you. Thailand dangers can appear at the Eastern and Northern border with Laos, too, when occasional incidents happened. There are Thailand dangers coming from weather: the swimmers and the surfers have to be careful at the seasonal undercurrents which sometimes can be very strong.


Danger in Thailand

The drowning can cause tragedies during the season of monsoons so watch the warning flags of the beaches; if it is red, the danger is big. Thailand dangers can come from the opportunity crimes (purse-snatching, pick-pocketing) but the violent crimes are rare.


Also rare are the crimes in taxis or other transportation but some scams were registered. There are cases in which the taxi drivers try to convince you to go and shop to some certain stores and they receive money for the customers they bring.


This is why you have to avoid taking a cab that has a person next to the driver.


Thailand dangers can also come from the strangers who put drugs in the tourists’ drink or food, so you should avoid living your food and drinks unattended and also to avoid travelling to unknown venues if you are alone. Some trekking tour companies were found making drugs for trekkers, especially in the North of Thailand. Avoiding drugs of any type keeps you away of Thailand dangers; selling and using drugs is illegal.


Use the credit card in established, reputable businesses and check the amount charged. The scams which involve credit cards, entertainment venues, city tours and gems are common in the areas with many tourists. Don’t accept the offers or tours from strangers and be careful with the shopping at gem stores that are less known. More than 1.000 complaints per year are received by the TAT (the Tourism Authority of Thailand) from tourists who had problems at the gem purchases. Thailand dangers that you can meet at these gems are overprices and your money-back guarantees not to be honoured. To stay away of these ask the list of the gem scams to the Thailand police on their website.

Thailand Danger

If you have any problems regarding the scams, you have to call the Tourist Police local branch. And if you are a victim of the sellers, pay them the demanded price and contact the Tourist Police.



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