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Thailand Daily News

Among the Thailand daily news is the one about the Buddhist funerals for animals.

A monk dressed with the well-known orange robe, a bereaved family praying in silence in front of a crematory.

An image very common in Bangkok, but this time, the deceased is a dog.

The animals’ lovers from the Thailand capital come to the Toey Nai temple to mark, through complete funeral rituals, the passing of the dog that stood by them.

The ceremony, officiated by a Buddhist priest, starts with a few prayers, continues with a two hours cremation and ends with a trip down the river to spread the ash. In a capital with 15 million people,


where the problem of the space in cemeteries is more and more stringent, many people chose the solution of the animals’ cremation. The practice to cremate dogs and cats dates from ten years ago, but, the animals started to have complete funerals for a short time ago.


Daily News in Thailand

In these times, even 15 ceremonies take place every day, at this Thai temple and the ‘clients’ are not only dogs and cats but also fish, rabbits, turtles and monkeys. Other news is about the recently political protests which represent a danger and made the Thai govern to extend the emergency situation on a third of the country’s area, including Bangkok.


The anti-governmental protests backed up by the adepts of the ex prime – minister, Thaksin Shinawatra became violent in April and May 2010. About 90 persons were killed and almost 2000 wounded.


The calm was installed but the authorities remain in alert warning that violent elements from the anti-governmental move of the red shirts try to start the conflict again. Ongart Klampaiboon, government’s representative announced that the emergency situation lifts from 5 provinces without political activity but it extends on Bangkok and other 18 provinces.


The Crisis International Group from Brussels remits that Thailand should lift the emergency situation since the frustrations could lead to a bigger wave of violence.


The Thailand daily news comes back to animals. The caretakers of the Zoological Garden in Bangkok had a less usual idea to make the animals’ life easier in a very hot summer.

Each animal, receive its food frozen. The pork pulp for the tiger was a true challenge for the feline which didn’t know what to enjoy first, the chill offered by the frozen icing or the meat.


The elephants enjoyed a fruit salad in ice and the monkeys properly lick their fingers eating bananas compote cold that their teeth were crackle; all of these happening at temperatures of more than 35 Celsius degrees.

Thailand Daily News

The news also speaks about the Russian conductor Mihail Pletnev who appeared in front of the Court in Thailand, where is accused of child molesting. Pletnev, the artistic director of the Russia National Orchestra came back in Thailand after he received the permission of temporary living the country to participate at a festival in Macedonia. The Russian musician totally rejects the accusation.



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