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Thailand Cyclone



Thailand Cyclone

Based on intensity and the place in which they produce, the tropical cyclones are known under different names such as: hurricane, tropical storm-the synonym for the Thailand cyclone, cyclonic storm, typhoon and tropical depression.

The Thailand cyclone called Giri, made more than 25 victims in October 2010, according to the Department of Disaster Prevention and Migitation.

This Thailand cyclone affected more than 29 provinces, especially from the centre and the North-East areas of the country.

Almost a quarter of Thailand was affected, thousands of farmland acres were swamped by flooding and more than one million people were affected, thousands of them being evacuated to some higher areas.


The Thailand’s capital, Bangkok received a flood alert because of the excess water coming from the North’s reservoirs that could flow in the Chao Phraya River and run through Bangkok at high tides time, with the possibility of overflowing the banks.


Another Thailand cyclone, started as a tropical storm, hit the country’ North, in July 2010. It was a version of the Conson Typhoon that affected Philippines with a week ago. The Nan province, in the Thailand’s North was the most affected area, with hundreds of people had their houses destroyed and the local infrastructure was devastated by the severe flooding and mudslides.


The Conson Thailand cyclone also brought flooding and mudslides as well as torrential rains which seriously affected the Nan province’s districts and local communities. After the failed attempts of building levees for the flooding direction, the Pua district’s residents had to be evacuated.


The storm damaged the infrastructure, the houses and an important portion of the farmlands and hundreds of people became homeless. On September 30, 2010, the Ketsana Thailand cyclone hit the country as tropical depression, producing damages in 40


provinces of Thailand with its flash flooding and strong rainfalls. The natural reservoirs inside the country were helped by the heavy rainfall to be filled up naturally. 44 houses were destroyed and other 4680 were damaged while 330 000 hectares (820.000 acres)


of agricultural land were also affected. More, the Thailand cyclone made human victims, 2 persons being killed and one injured; Ketsana moved out Thailand for a low pressure area and on October 3rd it dissipated over Andaman Sea. More than $20.000.000 were the estimated damages of this Thailand cyclone; the over 2 metres high waves sunk 9 boats in Pattaya while 3 dams were damaged by the heavy rainfall in Chai- Ya- Poom. If you don’t want to experience a Thailand cyclone you should avoid travelling to this country in the June-November period, where the tropical storms and floods are present because of the monsoons. The entire Thailand is vulnerable to these tropical storms but the most exposed area is the peninsular South.

Thailand Cyclone

The Thailand cyclone Gay was the most destructive; it hit Thailand in 1989 and crossing the Chumpron area, in the South of the country, it caused the death of 602 persons and the damages were estimated at about $480 million.



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